Silent Saturday: Family Traditions

I grew up with the tradition of camping every Memorial Day weekend with my family. It almost always inevitably rained, yet we still went and had bucket loads of wet, muddy fun! I have many silly, happy memories from our family camping trips and now enjoy taking my own children camping.

We just woke up and brrr, what a cold morning! Trying to keep warm with a campfire, blankets, and snuggles.

Family traditions are so important for us to have! “Children benefit tremendously from the feelings of unity and connectedness that are manifested through tradition” (Family Traditions, 2006).

What traditions exist in your family? Will you be enjoying a family tradition or ritual this Memorial Day weekend? Whatever your plans are for the weekend, engaging in old traditions or perhaps starting new ones, may you have a beautiful and blessed time!


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2 Responses to “Silent Saturday: Family Traditions”

  1. Brigitta says:

    We don’t have any specific memorial day traditions. Actually, many of the national holidays we don’t have many specific traditions, particularly if they fall in the category of “hallmark holiday” where the holiday has lost it’s meaning or purpose. Mother’s Day- while it’s nice to be remembered and have a special day, I’d like to think that I’m remembered and treasured more than once a year.

    But I do think that traditions are good at family bonding and memory making!

    We make king cake around mardi gras- mostly because it’s fun to make and eat but do tell the legend/story behind it.

    Easter, due to the mixed spiritual beliefs of our family, is celebrated mostly as the bunny bringing treasures- nuts and other non candy treats, books, something to do outside (i.e. a kite).

    Labor Day though we go camping.

    Thanksgiving, the husband’s side of the family has a massive potluck- as in 75-100 people, they rent the local community center room, everyone brings a dish, great grandma brings/coordinates the main meats… after everyone eats there is a white elephant auction to generate $ to pay for building rental for the summer picnic and the building/meat for the next Thanksgiving.

    Christmas, again due to mixed spiritual beliefs, is not necessarily celebrated for it’s christian connotations but daddy and the children put up and decorate the tree. We shop for a local needy family with our family members giving up (sacrificing) gift(s) to buy the gifts for the needy family and we also buy groceries for a local needy family. Sants does bring a few presents under the tree and fills the stockings (piece of fruit, nuts, the yearly ornament for each family member, and other non-candy/junk treats).

    Anytime gifts are involved such as Easter/Christmas stockings/etc. we try to avoid the cheaply made/imported/$1 type gifts… the gifts may be $1 from Goodwill but it might be a book, kite or a fishing pole that will be used and treasured and/or generate opportunities for outside time or family time- rather than toys that fall apart in 3 weeks or lose it’s interest in a month.

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks for sharing your family’s traditions! Your Thanksgiving celebration sounds like a lot of fun! And I love the idea of buying Christmas gifts for a family in need. I would like to incorporate something similiar into our own holiday traditions. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂
      Take care,