Silent Saturday: A Shout-Out to Grandparents!

I am feeling extra grateful for the awesome grandparents my boys have! Here they are on a hike with their Grandpa John! 🙂

What special things do your children enjoy doing with their Grandparents? I have fond memories of eating spaghetti and playing tether-ball at my grandparents house when I was little…how about you? What memories do you have of your own grandparents?



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2 Responses to “Silent Saturday: A Shout-Out to Grandparents!”

  1. Brigitta says:

    Every summer growing up as a kid I remember spending 1-2 weeks at my paternal grandparents house, usually with a varied assortment of cousins (depending on the year). My uncle lived in the same trailer park and would take us to the waterpark, either him or my grandmother would take us bowling (he competed, she was on league). We played dress up, always did grandma’s makeup and hair, never allowed to eat in the living room till we were 18, and other activities or excursions.

    My kids maternal Grandma and Grandpa live 2 states/8 hr drive away so we only see them every 2-3 months but when we are there En/Ba often take them to the children’s museum, art museum, zoo or some other cultural experience. They also take them to the park, playground, on the bike trail or other outside activity. Grandpa Ba takes the oldest on a mini motorcycle ride through their neighborhood.

    The last night before we head home, Grandpa always reads a special book “One Monster After Another”- one that was read to myself and my sisters till we were old enough to read and then we read it together with our dad. So much a tradition that we have tape or video recordings of the first time it got read together— each of my sisters, my nephew when he was old enough, and now starting on my children.

    • Sarah says:

      Such lovely family memories! Thank you for sharing these special family traditions with us!