Safer Holiday Gifts for Baby

SAMSUNGIt can be overwhelming deciding what to buy a baby for Christmas. It’s hard to know what they will actually like, what mom already has, or what mom really doesn’t want baby to have. It’s important to know when selecting a gift that there are some gifts that are just not safe for baby. Here are a few of the recalls of 2013 and some suggestions on what to give instead.

Baby Toys

Manhattan Toy Quixel Baby Rattle– Babies love to shake, rattle, and roll. Unfortunately, these rattles have been recalled because of a choking risk. The rattles have four colored arches that contain beads. The arches can break, causing the beads to come lose. Instead of buying this, try this rattle–soft and safe, and under $15. There are no small pieces that could be harmful.

Hachette Book Group Children’s Books– These are really colorful books. They have been recalled, however, because of the small beads that are on the top of them. Beads could detach and cause a choking risk. A metal bar can also detach and cause harm. If you’re looking for something colorful with pictures, try a Haba Baby Carello Fabric Ball. They are made of fun fabric, have squeakers and more to delight baby, all for under $20.

Bathtime Fun

Buy Buy Baby Idea Bath Seats– I always love getting bathtime gifts for my daughter. These bath seats are not the ones to buy. There is a risk of the bath seat tipping over and causing a drowning risk. If you’re looking for a gift for baby for bath time, try Angel Baby Bath Blossoms. This is a 100% organic, natural product that comes in a sachet for under $10. You drop it in the baby’s bath to help a fussy baby relax.


Trumpettes “Aubree’s” and “Hearts” Baby Socks– As a mom of a little girl, I know how tempting it can be to buy frilly socks. These are not the best purchase. The flowers and bows on them can detach and pose a choking hazard. Try some Baby Legs instead! They come in a variety of fun patterns for under $15.

It’s important to remember that age-appropriate gifts are usually best. Toys come with an age suggestion for a reason, and small parts can be a serious hazard for baby. You can also research a gift online or ask a friend. Moms usually will offer suggestions and give you some guidance, too. Buying gifts for baby can be fun, just be smart.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one, Johanna. She is a little OCD, so she likes to specify what she needs for her kiddo. 

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