Review of Thirsties DUO Wrap

I recently inherited a stack (27 to be exact) of Mother-ease fitted diapers…while most people inherit financial wealth or antique furniture, I inherit cloth diapers. They were however in awesome shape, barely used, and ready to for business! This was a perfect excuse to get some new diaper covers (not that I ever need that much convincing to try new cloth diapers). 😉 I have had my eye on the Thirsties DUO Wraps for a while now and decided this was the perfect time to try them out so I ordered a few during Mom’s Milk Boutique Black Friday Sale. They are available in both Aplix closure or snaps. As usual I went with the Aplix closure because that’s my personal preference. As for colors/prints, they were selling so quickly that I had limited options so I went with Storm Cloud (love that name!) which is a beautiful periwinkle color. They Thirsties DUO wraps come in two sizes: Size One for babies ages birth to nine months or 6-18 lbs and Size Two for babies ages nine months and up or 18-40 lbs. Each of the two sizes of has three rows of snaps to adjust the rise according to your baby’s shape.

I am a huge fan of Thirsties products so I already had high expectations of the diaper cover; and once again Thirsties did not disappoint! In fact the Thirsties DUO Wrap paired with a Mother-ease fitted diaper is now my favorite overnight diaper which means they can contain a pretty heavy load. And when you are a co-sleeping family  you want to be extra certain you are not going to wake up in a pile of pee so a trusty overnight cloth diaper is a must! Thirsties DUO wraps past the overnight diaper test with flying colors.

In addition to being effective at containing messes, I am super impressed the trim fit of the Thirsties DUO Wrap; it’s perfect for a busy little body that is constantly moving and exploring (toddlerhood here we come!). Trying to get a decent picture of Izzy in his new diaper proved to be quite a challenge because he does.not.stop.moving. Some cloth diapers are so big and bulky they almost impede movement, but not this diaper. It’s great for an active baby. Also with the way Thirsties does their sizing paired with the adjustable rise and aplix closure, it’s like a completely custom fit diaper. And I have learned over time that a properly fitting cloth diaper is largely what determines the effectiveness of the diaper, particularly for those busy toddler years. At 10 months, Izzy is wearing the Size Two on the middle setting of the adjustable rise.

I am very happy to include these covers in my diaper stash! Interestingly enough I have typically favored pocket diapers and All-in-ones, but more and more I find myself reaching for my prefolds/fitteds and covers. The Thirsties DUO Wrap my have played a part in my new found affection for covers. 🙂

Have you tried Thirsties DUO wraps? If so what are your thoughts? Would love your feedback!


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