Review of Thirsties DUO Diaper

I have about 25 Thirsties in my diaper stash, however they are the ‘old skool’ version of Thirsties. I bought them several years ago when Thirsties came in sizes x-small through x-large. I have tried many, many different brands and styles of cloth diapers however Thirsties have been at the top of my list of favorites for a while. When they came out with the new design I was eager to try them out! I ordered one from Mom’s Milk Boutique (in Blackbird in case you were wondering 😉 ) to try out. While I waited for it to arrive (which to be honest was a very short wait because Mom’s Milk Boutique ships orders really fast) I wondered how they could improve upon a diaper that was already so great? Well, they figured out how!

What I like about Thirsties DUO Diaper

Sizing – The new Thirsties come in two sizes: size one is geared for children 6-18 lbs or 0-9 months and size 2 is geared for children 18-40 lbs or 9-36+ months. Additionally there are three rows of snaps allowing the rise to be adjusted accordingly. This way of sizing diapers is unique to Thirsties. Most diaper brands come in sizes newborn, small, medium, and large or they offer a one-size diaper. The one size diapers are a great option, but can be rather bulky on a newborn or a tad tight on an older child. Diapers that come in sizes newborn through large, offer a trim, well-fitting diaper option however can be more costly to invest in multiple sizes. Thirsties adjustable two size options is a creative approach to sizing cloth diapers. I also prefer the hook and loop closure for two reasons; it’s much faster to diaper a wiggly baby and it allows for a perfect fit each time.

Absorbency – The first day I tried my new Thirsties DUO Diaper, my son fell asleep much earlier than I had anticipated which meant he ended up wearing his Thirsties DUO diaper for a very long time, including overnight. Turns out Thirsties was up for the challenge; we didn’t experience any leaks despite him wearing the diaper for 11 hours! The diaper is designed with 7 absorbency layers including multiple fabrics such as hemp, micro-fleece, and microfiber terry. Each diaper comes with an insert so there is no additional cost of purchasing inserts. Another great absorbent feature is the leg gussets. They are well designed to contain the mess inside the diaper while comfortably fitting baby. Even with all those absorbant layers, Thirties DUO diapers are still a pretty trim fitting diaper.

Pocket Opening– The pocket opens from the top and the bottom…which is genius! Makes it much more pleasant when pulling out the insert on wash day. The dual openings also makes it super easy to stuff before each diaper change.

Colors and Prints – Okay, so I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the overall function of the diaper, but I simply adore the colors and prints of Thirties! Maybe my next baby will be a girl and I can get some of the fun, girly colors and prints? Seriously how cute is the floral pattern in the Alice Brights print? I would love some pink fluff like that in my diaper stash!



All in all is Thirsties DUO diaper is hands down great diaper! The design fits babies well and is super aborbant. Overall I give it two big thumbs up and am eager to add a few more to my stash!

Have you tried any Thirsties brand products? What did you think of them?


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2 Responses to “Review of Thirsties DUO Diaper”

  1. Anne S. says:

    Everything I’ve tried by Thirsties has been a winner! I use their soft velour Fab Doublers for extra absorbency, the Duo Hemp Prefolds inside my PUL covers and a couple of the old school all-in-ones for my diaper bag.

    • Sarah says:

      Yep, I’m a Thirsties girl too! 🙂 Have yet to try the Hemp Prefolds…but I’m always looking for an excuse to expand my stash. Maybe I’ll try those next?