Review of Econobum Cloth Diapers

Recently Econobum single packs were buy one, get one free at Mom’s Milk Boutique. A single pack sells for $9.95 and includes a one-size cover and a 100% cotton prefold. During the BOGO sale you got TWO single packs for $9.95! That’s a lot diaper for 10 bucks! However I wondered if such an inexpensive diaper would actually be a ‘good’ cloth diapering option?  The price is right, but would the Econobum diaper be one I go to frequently or one that simply gets lost amongst the stash? I certainly have my favorites that get used way more than others. Where would an Econobum diaper fall into the mix?

Econobum prefold using an angle wing fold and snappi

First off I have to say that getting Fluffy Mail is super fun! Actually it’s almost embarrassing how excited I get over it.  When my Econobums arrived (among some other great Black Friday deals from Mom’s Milk Boutique) I was eager to try them out right away! It had been a while since I had used a pre-fold with my 9 month old so I had to hunt down a snappi first. During my first attempt to diaper with the Econobum, I remembered why I don’t enjoy prefolds with a mobile baby. It was a bit of a wrestling match to get the diaper on my son as he wiggled and rolled away from me the entire time. 🙂 Once I got it on him properly, it was actually a perfect fit. Let me back up here just a minute to add that I realize the manufactor’s instructions are to simply fold the prefold into thirds and place it in the diaper cover. I wanted to experiment with a few different ways to see what was most effective in containing leaks and blowouts, what was the trimmest, most comfortable fit for an active baby, and what was the most time efficient in diapering. Once the prefold was securely in place, it was time for the cover.

The cover offers adjustable waist snaps and a 3×3 adjustable snap system that is designed to fit most babies from birth to potty training.

I used the middle setting with my 9 month old son and it was a perfect fit. Now at first the cover seemed a bit thinner than others I have used so I do admit I was a tad skeptical about its ability to contain messes. Additionally I tend to prefer hook and loop closure to snaps, but the placement and ease of use of the snaps on the Econobum cover was better than other brands I have tried. So the biggest question was still, will it past the leak/blowout test? And the answer is YES! We had absolutely no problems with this diaper doing its job properly. A friend who was also experimenting with an Econobum for the first time on the same day as I was, gave me positive feedback that the Econobum effectively contained an explosive breastmilk poop from her 3 month old. 🙂

Econobum in Moonbeam

I later tried the tri-fold per the manufactor’s instructions and found that option to be my preferred way to use the prefold. It was much faster than the angel wing fold, didn’t require a snappi (I am forever losing them!), and seem to offer extra layers of protection.


Overall I give this diaper two thumbs up! While I was initially drawn to the price tag, it actually is a great diaper that happens to be at a great price! The Econobum aims to make cloth diapering possible on a tight budget. While cloth diapering WILL save you money, it’s the initial investment that can be a deterrent for many families. The Econobum is a great way to build a starter stash that can be used with any age baby from an 8lb newborn to a 35lb potty training toddler!

Have you tried the Econobums? What are your thoughts? What did you like or not like about them?  I would love to hear from you!

PS. Tomorrow we’ll examine Attachment Parenting International Principle #4: Use Nurturing Touch.


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