Reusing Receiving Blankets

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.26.03 AMIt is not uncommon for me to fold a receiving blanket or two on a weekly basis while doing laundry.  My children are toddlers, but we still find regular opportunities to reuse those blankets.

Receiving blankets are a safe and common baby shower gift.  Everyone needs them, right? I had a whole drawer full and never really knew what to do with them all, but I had a difficult time getting rid of them. Over the years, they have served many purposes in my home. These are ways to use all those receiving blankets!

  • As a burp cloth.

  • To clean up liquids ranging from baby spit up to toddler potty training accidents.

  • To swaddle a newborn.

  • As wash cloths.  Cut up a receiving blanket to get over 20 individual washcloths.  I kept them in my diaper bag and in my kitchen to clean little mouths and hands after meals.

  • As wipes.  When my kids had bad diaper rashes, I cleaned them with water and small pieces of a receiving blanket.

  • In an emergency.  I keep a receiving blanket in each vehicle in case we have a spill in a car, a child gets wet or muddy while we are out playing, or if someone wants a blanket during a car seat nap.

  • As a floor mat.  I notice many moms of infants who bring receiving blankets to story time at the library for their infants to lay on or sit on.

  • As wrapping paper for a baby gift.  This is a fun way to pass them on to another mom who may or may not need more receiving blankets in her life.

  • Use them for teething babies.  Cut into squares and wet a corner of the cloth and put it in the freezer.  Baby will love chewing on the cold cloth.

  • Make a quilt or a stuffed animal out of pieces of your favorite receiving blankets.

Sarah Cole is a stay at home mom of two busy toddlers who actually wishes she didn’t get rid of most of her receiving blankets.


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