Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

Rainy day activities for toddlersIt’s raining. The forecast is calling for days of this. And lucky you, you have a restless toddler (or two!) on your hands, literally bouncing off of your walls. And furniture. And maybe even climbing your cabinets …

When the weather forces my family indoors, we have a few go-to activities that we enjoy doing, helping all of us to keep our sanity.

One activity we have had fun with  is a shaving cream party. Cover your kitchen table with old newspaper and squirt the contents of a can or two of shaving cream on top. If you like, you can add wooden spoons or other toys to add in the fun. Kids have a fun sensory experience making things out of that super dense foam, and clean up is pretty easy. I will caution you to not make the mistake I did by using a shave gel (that was also scented). The foam is a little dense, and the fragrance was overpowering (luckily it was raining so opening a window wasn’t a great option). Plain, cheap, unscented foam is the best.

If you have some notice (like with a major storm), you can pick up little ceramics or other items at the dollar or craft store beforehand for your kids to paint. Even my most active and wild little man will be entertained for quite a while with this project. Clean-up can be a little more intensive than the shaving cream party; but using water soluble paints and stripping your kids down to a diaper or undies makes it pretty painless.

If you have a sliding glass door in your home, writing on it with glass markers (like for decorating a car) or dry erase markers is a fun (and easy to clean) exercise. You’ll want to be close by to keep little hands from extending their artistic endeavors to the adjacent walls, but this can be very fun. We took a cruise once over Christmas and we used these to draw a Christmas tree on our doors, which our kids then drew on decorations for.

Of course, there are lots of fun and tried-and-true things to do on a rainy day. Making forts, having “slumber parties” (making popcorn and watching a movie from mom and dad’s room is a big hit in our house), staging races where each heat requires a different form (better for more experienced walkers; kids can skip, run backwards, run or hop like different animals, etc.), or making race car roads or train tracks through your house using masking or washi tape are all super fun ways to make the most of a day indoors.

Meaghan Howard is currently a stay-at-home mom and enjoying living overseas with her husband and two young children. She enjoys traveling, running, and the most excellent sport of all time, dragon boat.




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