Pregnancy Week 9: Battling the Nausea

We recently learned that one of our bloggers is pregnant! She will be giving us weekly updates throughout her pregnancy, starting this week with week 9.

I recently found out my prayers had been answered. My husband and I found out over the holidays that we are expecting baby #2. Becoming pregnant for me is not the easiest of tasks, so I am simply elated! As I venture into the early weeks of pregnancy, my old friend “morning” sickness has returned. Similarly like with my daughter, I feel nauseated most of the day. However, this time this the nausea is much more persistent and difficult to get rid of for more than a few hours at a time. All of this nausea got me thinking. What are some easy cures for morning sickness that have worked in the past? What’s recommended to help? Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned lately to combat this lovely side effect of creating a miracle.

Tip #1: Ginger and Peppermint are your friends

I never even tried ginger or peppermint with my first pregnancy, but so far this time, ginger is my BFF. I discovered this amazing Morning Wellness Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby. A few cups of this in the morning have easily replaced my coffee. Ginger cookies are also a favorite of mine. Peppermint candies have also been a go-to this time around. They’re easy to stick in my bag when I feel the nausea hit me.

Tip #2: Lemon, lemon, and more lemon

A friend of mine recommended sour candies. These really do help. It seems to soothe a queasy tummy when you have a hard piece of candy to suck on. I’m trying Preggie Pops right now.  They come in a variety of sour flavors. The lemon ones are great! I’ve also heard lemon heads, lemonade, or even just adding some lemon to your water helps. I’m up for trying it all.

Tip #3: Stick with the familiar bubbles

Obviously, ginger ale, sprite, and other carbonated beverages can help ease nausea. I’ve stocked up on ginger ale this time around. It’s not the best tasting beverage, but it is easy to have on hand. Bonus: No caffeine!

Tip #4: Don’t get too thirsty or let your stomach feel too empty

Most doctors recommend small, frequent meals. My midwife is also currently pregnant. She recommended either eating or drinking. Do one or the other and see if that helps. Saltine crackers are a great easy snack when you feel like your tummy is running on empty. Sipping on a fruit water helps me, too.

Obviously, when you’re feeling nauseated, the best thing to do is take it easy. Lie down, tell others how you feel, take a break, or even stay home from work if you need to. I’m trying to remember that this is all worth it. I may feel icky today, but I am doing my best. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m being the most interactive mom to my toddler, but I know she’s well taken care of. I’m growing a miracle. I can do this, and so can you.

Karyn is a mom of Johanna, 16 months, and a little miracle, 9 weeks. She thinks being pregnant is an amazing gift and will conquer this nausea. Just wait.



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