My Pregnancy: Week 9

Week 9I’m a keep-it-quiet kind of gal. I can’t keep a secret from my husband—it’s literally a joke between us; I can’t even keep his Christmas gifts a secret. Generally though, I don’t need people all up in my business. I learned around the time we got engaged that people shower all sorts of attention on you and borderline intrude, as if life milestones give a free pass to ask and say things you would never otherwise say. So I like to keep mum. I even preferred to keep mum about becoming a mom.

That said, I recognize that my having a baby is important not only to me but to other people in my life. Family and friends want and deserve to share in our joys, even if it means all the older ladies at the church are going to storm me at the wind level of a category three tornado. I’d say more than that, but there’s no reason to be unrealistically dramatic. I generally leave the periphery of friends and extended family to my parents and husband. They are great at getting the word out and love to be a part of the sharing. But hubby and I got to share with the family.

One family lives near and the other about 10 states away. It was important to us that they find out at a similar time. With our first, we told both moms on Mother’s Day with a poem in a card, except for one sister-in-law. Side note for those who are pregnant: If you are about to text your hubby, “Doc said baby looks great! Heard the heartbeat,” make sure you are texting your hubby and not your sister-in-law. Yeah. Learn from my texting errors. And, by the by, don’t trust your parents that they’ll head your advice to “wait until tomorrow to open the card.” Grandma M found out a day early.

With our second, we mailed sonogram photos to both sets of parents in Valentine’s Day cards. This time Grandpa M grabbed the mail and went to work late into the evening so Grandma M found out a day late. Of course, I did spill the beans to a different sister-in-law who was having a very rough week… or month as it might have been.  She was uplifted by the pick-me-up though I completely broke the protocol my hubby and I established for telling the family.

This time around we got lucky. The day of our first appointment hubby’s sisters and mother flew in for a special long weekend birthday visit. Over a year ago I saw two shirts on clearance that said “Big Brother,” though both were a size 3T. Turns out our younger guy still has his baby weight and can rock a 3T shirt at 22 months.

Hubby inconspicuously rolled video. Sister-in-law went outside because her kids called to say goodnight. One child refused to change clothes. Crying ensued when wardrobe change was required. (The picture above is the best one our youngest was willing to give that evening that wasn’t blurry in play.) My dad went to take a shower. Finally, there our boys played in the middle of the room for 15 minutes before anyone noticed! I don’t even know that we were still rolling video at that point. I was getting bored!

Google all you’d like about all the creative ways to reveal your pregnancy, but remember there are many ways to make a great story when the story is, in and of itself, already a bundle of ah-mazing.

Annie is a mom of two toddlers finding comfort in breakfast foods and the excitement of one little baby on the way. If only she could find time for even more sleep. 

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