Pregnancy Week 33: Packing the Hospital Bag

Like most women, I am an over-planner. I tend to get things done ahead of time and like to feel prepared and organized. Soon, it will be time once again to pack my bag for the hospital.

This week, I decided to focus on the important items I am including in my hospital bag. Here’s my Top 10.

10. Pads

It’s inevitable that you will need some pads after giving birth. Of course, your hospital will provide you with the sexy mesh panties and huge chux pads to use while there, but I don’t think it hurts to be over-prepared and have extras. Choose wisely, momma. In my opinion, the bigger, the better.

9. Phone and Camera Chargers

It seems simple to remember your cell phone and camera. But, what if you end up staying at the hospital longer than planned? It’s best to be prepared and have your chargers with you. Charge these items prior to packing them.

8. Slippers

This is one of my favorites. I delight in buying a cute, new pair of house slippers to take with me to the hospital. Last time around, I went with pink. This time, it’s purple. I am not a fan of germs, and I want to be comfortable walking around the hospital room. The comfier, the better!

7. Comfy Clothes

Many women prefer to have a nightgown or robe of their own to use at the hospital. I personally don’t mind the hospital gown. However, remember to bring some clothes for after labor. Mesh shorts and bigger shorts work great. Remember to think practically. You aren’t going to fit into those pre-baby clothes right away. If you are nursing, choose tops that will be easy to wear while feeding baby.

6. Toiletries

There is nothing like the feeling of being clean to me. Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, make-up, whatever you need to feel like you. If you wear glasses or contacts like me, don’t forget these supplies. Don’t plan to bring anything you use on a daily basis—there may not be time to pack it! Buy travel size or duplicates of everything so you are ready to go.

5. Items for Baby

Remember that you will be leaving the hospital with another little human. The car seat needs to be installed in your vehicle prior to going to the hospital. Don’t forget baby’s going-home outfit, a baby book, possibly a boppy pillow, and maybe even receiving blankets. Whatever you want baby to have those first days, bring. Don’t worry about diapers unless you are planning to cloth diaper from the start.

4. Items to Help you Relax

If you need relaxing music, a massaging ball, or something else to help you during and after labor, bring those! Don’t be shy. Make your hospital stay as tranquil as possible for you. You might want to bring a book to read if you have to wait to be induced or even your own pillow to sleep on.

3. Nursing Supplies

Nipple cream! This is a must, in my opinion. With your milk coming in, bring a comfortable, but supportive nursing bra. If you are uncomfortable with family seeing you nurse, bring a nursing cover, too.

2. SnacksPregnancy Week 33: Packing the Hospital Bag

I expect my husband to buy me a Coke at the vending machine after labor. (I’m not drinking caffeine during pregnancy.) So, it is a good idea to have some snacks and change for the vending machines with you. Many hospital rooms offer small refrigerators. Take advantage of this! Hubby may get hungry.

1. Things to Make You Feel Comfortable

If you have older children, consider bringing gifts for them to ease them into the transition of becoming an older brother or sister. Photos of your family or a favorite keepsake from home are great ideas to make your hospital room feel more comfortable.

Remember that you won’t be in the hospital forever, so try not to over pack. My advice is stick to one big, duffle bag. Your spouse can always run home and get you what you need, so don’t panic. Just be prepared, momma. Life will be changing for the better soon!

Karyn Meyerhoff lives and writes in Northeast Indiana. She needs to start thinking about her own hospital bag!

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