My Pregnancy: Week 27

My Pregnancy: Week 27Whether I believe it or not another trimester is in the books! It’s both a quick blur and mesmerizing that so much has happened in the last three or so months. The second trimester brought us through the tail-end of summer and the entirety of autumn. And as the highs of summer heat leave and the lows of winter arrive, I offer mostly highs and a few lows of this second trimester.

Goodbye early symptoms! Rejoice! This pregnancy the nausea stuck around an extra week or two. I was a little more tearful than usual during the first half of the second trimester, but that went away by week 20. I also recall being more tired than usual a few days here and a week there during this second trimester. I chalk that up to a bout of sickness that struck our house over a couple of weeks, raising two littles while being pregnant, and—you know—being pregnant. It takes effort to grow the babe and sometimes extra sleep is required. Overall though, nagging symptoms were relatively few and short-lived. I feel heartburn, aching back, and sleepless nights quickly approaching.

The comfort of the bump! The phase of “pregnant or too much lunch” ushered away by week 20, but the comfort of a small belly still existed through the second trimester. Hello maternity clothes and comfortable living. I know the third trimester will soon give me that beached whale feeling, unable to easily roll over or get off the couch.

It’s a girl! It’s a girl! The excitement of finding out the baby’s sex was the ultimate high of this trimester. I appreciate people who wait until birth to find out baby’s sex. I personally fall in the camp that thinks a surprise is a surprise and joy no matter when you find out. Again I exclaim it’s a girl! We were excited to know and fill in our family picture a little more and finally got to go through all those old baby clothes that filled totes in the corner of our bedroom.

In honesty I struggle to think of lows. The lingering symptoms for a few extra weeks, responding to people’s random comments about the sex of my child, and the awareness that this is our last time to have a second trimester come to mind when I consider lows. I must admit my body takes to pregnancy pretty easily and I try to just go with the flow when it doesn’t. I know not everyone experiences pregnancy this way.

Fears are the other thing that lingered but mostly dissipated with this trimester. In early weeks and months of pregnancy I lived well aware of miscarriage risks further accentuated given my previous work in hospitals around grief and loss. Those fears mostly went away. As each twenty-something week ticks away, the risks associated with premature birth also lower, day by day. In a few more weeks I’m sure those fears will mostly fall away to be replaced by common mild concerns around making it full-term, with the successful birth of both healthy mom and baby. None of these keep me up at night though. For all of this I am thankful.

Annie is a mom of two boys, ages two and three. She enjoys the finer things in life, like compression socks and a full night’s rest.

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