Pregnancy Week 26: Music!

Pregnancy Week 26: Music!

It seem like this baby is growing at turbo speed–next week begins the third trimester. I’ve been focusing on music this week: new music for my labor playlist, music for the nursery, music for the boys to share with their new baby brother. I used music during labor for my first two labors and found it to be very helpful in keeping my mind in the right place. Nothing makes the mind at ease quite like a great song.

During labor, music can help shift the mood as the contractions progress. Sometimes the songs can get you out of your own head when the going get tough, sometimes they can give you the needed energy to get through transition and finish the task at hand. I find my mental clarity of the moment is really affected by what is playing – with silence really occasionally being just what I need when things are hectic. With my previous births I have used this cd as inspiration.  I dream of this baby being born into a lively, music-filled room.

On my playlist is some easy, soft music from Elizabeth Mitchell – kids songs that I find soothing and calming, some fun pop songs to get energy going such as a bit of Michael Jackson and Michelle Trainor, a bit of country or blues for soul and some calming tunes from Jack Johnson and Mumford and Sons. I’ve always found the voice of Ella Fitzgerald to be extremely soothing and relaxing.

I like to use music for background noise as my babies sleep, too. We live in a small house, so the white noise in the nursery is great for keeping the babies asleep as the bigger boys play. My bigger boys also enjoy sharing their favorite songs with the baby. As this pregnancy has progressed, they have shared many tunes with the baby by playing the radio near my belly, with headphones, or by singing him a tune. My eldest son loves music and likes to play his keyboard or ukelele for the younger ones.

Even as birth is still 14 weeks away I figure it can’t be too early to start preparing for what comes next – a special tune for a special boy as he is welcomed into our family.

Pia Watzig is a stay at home mom and music lover who lives in Portland, Oregon.

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