Pregnancy Week 24: My Top 10

Pregnancy Week 24: My Top 10As the hormones are flowing and my emotions are in full swing, I have been reflecting this week on my favorite things about being pregnant. Here is my top 10, although I know I could add more to this list. What about you, momma? What would make your list?

10. Naps

When I am not pregnant, I despise naps. The morning breath, dazed feeling, and waste of time bother me extremely. As a pregnant woman, naps are amazing! I look forward to my daughter’s naptime just so I can maybe accidentally fall asleep, too. Afternoon power naps can make up for a bad night’s sleep and make me feel replenished.

9. The Belly

I adore having a baby belly. While during the rest of my life, I have not had abs of steel or a tiny waist, it doesn’t matter during pregnancy. I have a basketball bump, and I adore it.

8. Prenatal Visits

I love going to my appointments! There is nothing better to me than hearing the swishing sound of my son’s heartbeat on the Doppler machine.

7. Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

I really enjoy snacking during pregnancy. It’s okay to have healthy snacks and then an occasional gummy candy. I don’t have to obsess over how many calories are in my treat or if I really need to be eating.

6. The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Remembering that the labor pain, uncomfortable nights, and body aches are all temporary. Remembering that in the end, it is all worth it and you forget how much heartburn or discomfort you felt.

5. Imagining the Possibilities

I often find myself daydreaming about what my family will be like in 4 months. Who will my son look like? What will he do with his life? Will he love playing with his Daddy and sister? The possibilities of a new life are endless and exciting.

4. Pregnancy Perks

Preferred parking spaces at the grocery store. Strangers smiling at you. Friendly people holding doors open for you or asking if you need help. Getting to sit down while others stand. You see where I’m going here…

3. Watching Your Husband Become a Daddy…Again

Pregnancy turns husbands into daddies instantly. The excitement as they get to feel tiny kicks. Talking to your unborn baby. Helping assemble all of that baby gear and furniture. Getting to see your spouse become a Daddy is one of the best things about being pregnant.

2. Watching My Daughter

During this pregnancy, I have loved watching my daughter Johanna become a little mommy helper. She pats my tummy, gives it kisses, and I know she knows something is up. She has started regularly taking care of her dolls and teddy bear as we will her little brother.

1. Getting to Grow a Miracle

My favorite thing for sure about being pregnant is feeling the blessing of getting to grow another human being. Getting a chance to be this little person’s mommy and shower him with all of the love I have to offer him and his sister is the best gift. Knowing you are giving your baby the best start at life and that you love him more and more each day, even though you’ve never met him. Now that makes pregnancy all worth it.

Karyn Meyerhoff lives and writes in Northeast Indiana. She loves being a mommy, even though it is the hardest job on the planet.



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