Pregnancy Week 22: Movement

Pregnancy Week 22Tiny little movements: That’s what I’ve been feeling lately. Soon these movements will turn into full-force kicks. It’s amazing feeling your unborn child move for the first time, an experience only you get to share with your little miracle.

When movements usually begin:

Most women begin to become aware of baby’s movements around 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, it was more like week 22. This time around, it was week 18. The first time you feel baby move is called quickening. Experienced moms may feel movement as soon as 16 weeks. If you haven’t felt baby by 24 weeks, it’s time to tell your midwife or provider. Sometimes, first-time moms just aren’t sure what to look for. The location of your placenta, your own body weight, and your baby’s current position can affect movement.

What movements typically feel like:

Baby’s movements begin as flutters or small bubbles popping in your tummy. These sweet movements quickly turn into kicks, somersaults, and even jerky movements as pregnancy continues. Many moms can tell when the baby has the hiccups.  Every mom can describe the feeling differently.

What they mean:

It’s incredible to think that such a tiny baby can be felt moving in your growing tummy. By 8 weeks, babies are bending sideways. By the end of your first trimester, your baby can get the hiccups, suck, swallow, stretch, and even yawn. As the second trimester begins, baby begins to move his or her eyes. Movement is a sign that baby is healthy and active. It also reassures momma.

When to be concerned:

My previous midwife had me do kick counts daily. I had to record on paper when I felt baby move at least 10 times and write down the time it took. As a first-time mom, this stressed me out. I was always worried I wasn’t feeling enough movement. If you notice a drastic decrease in baby’s movement or a gradual decrease over a few days, feel free to talk to your midwife or provider. It never hurts to voice your concerns and have reassurance that baby is okay.

So, whether it’s a feeling of butterflies, tickles, bubbles, or even gas, rest assured that baby is in there moving right along. I am really enjoying feeling each little flutter. I can’t wait for my husband and daughter to get to share in the fun of getting to know our soon-to-be addition.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one and one on the way. She adores being pregnant. Even with it’s acne and discomfort, it is the biggest miracle a woman can experience!


One Response to “Pregnancy Week 22: Movement”

  1. AmberH says:

    Movement is my favorite part of my pregnancy! I started feeling definite kicks towards the end of week 17, but looking back I think the “weird gas” I had during week 15 was actually baby movement:) after week 19 baby decided she would not stop moving so I never felt any reason to count kicks. I’m 23 weeks now which is even more fun because people can see her moving through my shirt– since I’m not showing much it can really shock some people!
    It was quite a surprise because it’s my first pregnancy so I didn’t expect to feel the baby before getting a baby bump!