My Pregnancy: Week 21

My Pregnancy Week 21The second trimester is a glorious place. Whether you enjoy(ed) your twenties or not, when pregnant the twenty-something weeks are (usually) a wonderful time. I can still touch my toes. I diagnose myself as happy and chill. It’s a good time to be pregnant.

The nausea is gone. This alone brings back a joy to life that I missed. Generally the fatigue is gone though I have days here and there, sometimes in spurts, where I am exhausted. I think tiredness comes not just because I’m pregnant but also I am older (early 30s) and have two little ones running about at my feet all the time in circles with endless energy and unceasing wants disguised as needs. Deep breaths. In. And out.

The exhaustion, overall, disappeared and a newfound energy helps to catch up on all the cleaning I missed in that first trimester. The hormonal emotions that crept up on me between 10 and 18 weeks also seem to have settled. The bump is very “baby bear”—not too big, not too small. Not that a bump can be too big or small, but there is discomfort in the large as well as the weird “Are you pregnant or is that a food baby?” looks.

I notice some uncomfortable symptoms starting to pop up with more regularity than I’d like. Symptoms that came at 30 weeks with our first came around 25 weeks with our second, and now I fear they will arrive sooner with this little gal. Pain in my hips catches me off guard some days though overall sleeping is still comfortable. Pain associated with increased blood flow to the entire pelvic area also pops up from time to time. Heartburn, though still mostly uncommon, whispers hello. Overall I lack a sense of hunger and become full more quickly this time around. Doctor just nods and affirms this is normal. Thanks, doc.

I do get nervous about the health of the babe if delivery comes premature. I’m aware I’m at the 21-week mark miracles are possible, but the road is uphill should birth occur at that point. Since I had two previous C-sections with very erratic blood pressure in those final weeks, doctor considers me high-risk. This categorization is generally common with multiple C-sections though, so it does not increase my concern. Just like any other mama, I plan on truckin’ along for a while. It’s a beautiful time to be along for the ride.

Annie is a mom of a two- and three-year-old who finally is enjoying the full spectrum of food again. Hurrah and huzzah!

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