Pregnancy Week 20: Halfway There

Pregnancy Week 20It seems amazing that 20 weeks have passed and I am already at the halfway point of this pregnancy. So much has happened: the baby is fully formed, placenta made and functioning, yet so much more is to come. I am starting to get pretty excited, as are my boys. They ask me when the baby is coming, when he will be here, and if they can talk to him through my belly. It’s so sweet to see the beginning of a bond with their baby brother.

I’m feeling pretty well overall, just wishing I could put my mind at rest in the wee early hours of the morning. I wake at 4:30-5 am everyday, whether I wish to or not, with a mind that kicks into high gear the as soon as my eyes open. This is called pregnancy insomnia, something that affects most pregnant women at some time or another. Frequent need to urinate, discomfort from being on your back or side and having to change positions constantly can all lead to this lack of sleep–not to mention a racing mind with all that needs to be done!

For me, my mind is constantly churning away trying to come up with ways to better arrange my boys’ new shared room. Since we live in a small house, the bigger boys will share a room and the baby will get his own for the time being. We co-sleep in the first months after birth, but it is still nice to have a place to change, dress and (hopefully) teach baby to nap in his own bed. This last weekend we addressed the bunk bed issue and rearranged their room to better suit their needs, and the boys love their new shared space.

As I try to get myself back to sleep, I’m finding that picking up the smart phone, reading a book or turning a show on are all ways to help me NOT fall back asleep. In fact, its been hard to keep myself from shopping online at 4 am. That’s no good! Sometimes a snack, a warm glass of milk or just a few minutes spent in meditation or prayer helps to return my racing thoughts to a calm and collected place.

Unfortunately, some mornings my littlest guy wakes up with me at 5 and we end up with an early morning coffee date, watching Thomas the Train and having silly snuggles. Such is life!

Pia Watzig is a stay at home mom of two little boys with a third on the way. She enjoys writing, reading, knitting, cooking and being slightly insane most of the the time.


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