Pregnancy Week 20: Gender Reveal

Pregnancy Week 20: Gender RevealI am so excited to be writing this blog this week–the week we find out the gender of our baby. I go for my level 2 ultrasound or anatomy scan on Friday. While most women wait anxiously for this appointment, many have fears and worries going into the ultrasound.

What is an anatomy scan?

An anatomy scan is a thorough ultrasound usually done between 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. During this ultrasound, the technician takes several important measurements. The four chambers of the heart, kidney, bladder, stomach, brain, spinal cord, and sex organs are all examined. Organs are surveyed along with amniotic fluid levels and the placenta’s location. This ultrasound allows the technician and your provider to verify that baby is growing at the correct rate and you are still on track for your due date.

Questions to Ask During the Appointment

Many women go into their appointments nervous. It may have been awhile since they have seen the baby, or they may have not felt much movement yet. Here are some good questions to ask your technician:

  • Does the baby’s heart have 4 chambers and are the valves working properly?
  • Do you see any congenital malformations?
  • How is the amniotic fluid level?
  • How is the location of the placenta?
  • Is the umbilical cord in a safe place?
  • Is baby’s head/brain growing normally?
  • How sure are you of the sex of the baby?

I’m sure you can think of more, but these are some good ones to start with.

Old Wives’ Tales

There are many old wives’ tales involving gender–nearly every pregnant woman has been accosted by a complete stranger claiming to know the gender of her baby. If you’re carrying high, it may be a girl. Carrying low? Time to buy some blue! Breaking out? Could be a girl. Experiencing dry hands or cold feet? Maybe it’s a boy? They also say if your spouse is enjoying your cravings too, then it’s most likely a girl. If you’re feeling super queasy, then it may be a little girl in there.

I can’t wait to find out what our little miracle is! Whatever he or she is, that is just perfect to me. What did you have? Find out next week what I’m having!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one and one on the way. She loves being a mom and lives in Northeast Indiana with her little family and two cats.

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