Pregnancy Week 18: Pregnancy Questions

Pregnancy questions: Awkward ones, important ones, questions you forget to ask and have to call back about. Most of us head to our OB or midwife appointments full of questions. Is this normal? Should I worry about this? When will this happen during my pregnancy? This week I have been thinking a lot about the questions we ask at appointments. It seems like I always have something to discuss with my midwife.  Here are some of the top questions women ask their providers.Pregnancy Questions

Questions about Baby’s Health:

It’s normal to worry some about baby’s health. We all want healthy, beautiful children. Many women go into their appointments wondering if baby is moving enough. They may worry that baby is not growing appropriately because of their own weight gain or size. Your provider is there to answer these questions. My midwife made me feel at ease at one of my earlier appointments when the baby’s heartbeat took a while to find. She told me we could get the ultrasound machine out if I got nervous at all.  During an anatomy scan, which usually happens around 20 weeks, take advantage and ask as many questions about baby’s growth and development as you want.

Concerns About Momma:

Can I take this medication? Which prenatal vitamins or supplements should I be taking? What will happen if I do this exercise? Should I be showing more or gaining more weight? Is spotting normal? We all want to take the best care of ourselves during pregnancy so that we can do our very best to grow a perfect miracle. It seems like this pregnancy, I go into each of my appointments with a new list of weird questions for my provider about my own health. I haven’t taken a list in yet, but sometimes I feel like I have enough questions for one. Bodies react strangely sometimes to pregnancy, so it’s normal to have your own health concerns.

Awkward, Embarrassing Questions:

Sometimes I tend to ask too many of these types of questions. If you are afraid or nervous to ask a certain question to your provider, remember they have probably heard it before. It’s important to have a strong connection and open relationship with your provider so that you can discuss your concerns honestly and without embarrassment. Some things in pregnancy are just icky, weird, and hard to talk about. Remembering your provider’s office space is a safe place can help you bring up anything. Even if your question is about something concerning other than pregnancy that affects you, such as work, stress, relationships, or something else entirely, your provider will have great resources and referrals.

So, what are some common questions you have asked at your prenatal appointments? Ever felt like you have too much to ask and not enough time to discuss it? You’re not alone, momma. Ask away!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a stay at home mom in Northeast Indiana. She loves being pregnant and tends to ask too many questions. However, she loves her midwife, and she doesn’t seem to mind.

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