Pregnancy Week 15: Exercise

This is the best I’ve felt so far during this pregnancy–I’m not nauseated and feeling a little more energetic. Notice I say a “little” more. I would still rather lie around than exercise, but this week it’s on my mind.

Exercise offers so many amazing benefits for your growing baby. It can make your pregnancy easier, help you have a smoother labor, and even help get rid of that extra baby weight more quickly. Here are some of my favorite activities to do while pregnant.


I grew up dancing, so of course I like to get my groove on. Zumba features fun rhythms with Latin and international beats. There are a variety of Zumba classes. The best part of Zumba is that it doesn’t feel like exercise. You can modify any dance move if you are feeling winded or if you’re farther along in your pregnancy. Zumba was actually recommended to me by my midwife to continue during pregnancy. I will be going to these classes as long as this baby allows.

Pregnancy Week 15: Exercise


Any kind of cardio activity such as walking or running is great to do during pregnancy. It isn’t recommended that you begin a running routine during your pregnancy, however. Stick to the pace that you did before baby. Running on a treadmill is fun during the winter, and pushing a jogging stroller during the spring and summer is great exercise. Make sure you have supportive shoes and stick to a walking or running path that isn’t full of hills and traffic. Stick to exercising during daylight hours and bring a friend along. Walking or running with a friend is a great way to de-stress and get in some much needed girl time.


This one is my favorite. I swam laps regularly until 38 weeks with Johanna, and I am planning on swimming as much as I can this pregnancy. The important thing to remember is to use good judgment and don’t zap all of your energy. The water will feel great to you, but don’t overdo it. Stay hydrated, too. Swimming while pregnant increases your circulation and can ease back pain brought on by your growing belly. I definitely recommend a maternity swimsuit. Swim for fun or swim laps. It’s great exercise and a fun family bonding experience.

It’s important to use your head when exercising while pregnant. During my first pregnancy I was registered for a half marathon that would have taken place during my second trimester. After losing a baby, I opted out. If you have previous health concerns, talk to your doctor or midwife before starting an exercise regimen. Pregnancy is not a time to start a new extreme sport. Stick to what you’ve done pre-baby that is safe and makes you feel comfortable.

The best part of exercise for me is that it is my “me time.” Enjoy being active while pregnant!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of 1 and 1 on-the-way in Indiana. She really enjoys going to the local YMCA and her daughter does, too!

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