Pregnancy Week 14: Nothing to Wear

Pregnancy Week 14: Nothing to WearWell, it’s finally happened. The buttons on my pants are popping, my belly is bulging, and I’m officially starting to look a little pregnant. With my first pregnancy, I was always told how small I looked, and I didn’t show for quite a while. While every woman is different, first-time moms generally begin to start showing between 12 to 16 weeks. Moms pregnant with baby number two usually show sooner. By 12 weeks, the uterus has expanded above the pubic bone. So, what are the options for my wardrobe now? Where should I shop? How do I embrace my new belly?

Options for Your Growing Bump

A popular way to keep wearing your favorite jeans and be comfortable is to use a belly band. I purchased one of these at Target. While it does help, it is not the most discreet or enjoyable thing for me to wear. Another popular trend is a B Buckle. These are a one-size-fits-all piece of elastic that fit into your normal pre-baby jeans. My personal favorite idea when I get to the “just showing” phase of pregnancy is to just go for the maternity pants. Why put off the comfort? Maternity pants come in low panel, full panel, and even regular waist. Whatever you choose, opt for comfort, but don’t sacrifice style. I plan on wearing leggings a lot this time around, too.

Where to find maternity wear?

There are so many choices and options for where to get your maternity clothes. My personal favorite is consignment shops. Most people take good care of their maternity clothes and reuse them. Stores like Goodwill, Clothes Mentor, and even kids’ resale shops have nice items that are gently used. If you are crafty, try making your own maternity wear. Having friends who aren’t pregnant but still have their goodies is also a plus. Borrowing clothes or even buying from friends is easy, cheap, and rewarding. Some discount stores like Ross, Gordman’s, and even Target have a nice selection. Many retailers carry maternity, such as Old Navy and Sears. Of course, there are also stores like Motherhood Maternity and Destination Maternity for nicer items.

Embrace that bump!

The most important lesson I am learning this week is simply to embrace my growing bump. While my wardrobe may be limited right now as I transition from my normal clothes to what little maternity winter wear I have, it’s an amazing thing to see your belly grow. That means your little one is growing, too! Try not to be hard on yourself for your appearance and accept your new curves. As my pregnancy continues, I plan on working more and more to embrace that new, beautiful bump. What an amazing gift it is to experience pregnancy–in sweat pants or trendy clothes!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of 1 and 1 on-the-way who lives in Northeast Indiana. She would rather be comfy than stylish, if she’s being honest.

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