Pregnancy Week 10: The Pregnancy Announcement

Math problem pregnancy announcementWith my first, getting pregnant was a struggle that included fertility treatments. So, when we found out we were expecting twins…there was no waiting to tell family. Sadly, after losing a baby, we told everyone else around 12 weeks. This time around, I was ready to shout it from the rooftops by week 7, and I did.

But, how do you tell everyone? You have to think about when you want to tell people, who is important to get a call/visit/text, and then these days, when to put it online with a pregnancy announcement. Here are some of the cutest ideas I’ve seen lately.

Scrabble Tile Announcement

My cousin did this announcement with the news of her fifth baby. Take a scrabble board and put everyone’s names on it. Or, use the tiles to spell something creative and cute. You could include your due date, baby’s last name, etc. Too cute for words!

Math Problem Announcement

This has been a new, trendy announcement I’ve seen. Make a few signs for you, hubby, and any children you have, and create an equation that tells people you are adding to your family’s number. Problem solved for your family and friends!Johanna Pregnancy Announcement

Big Brother/Big Sister Chalkboard Announcement

We did this for our new baby. I’ve also seen using the chalkboard to make a check off list for your current children. Maybe include things like learn to walk, steal hearts, become a big sister.

Seasonal Announcement

If you are planning on announcing in the fall, use a pumpkin theme, like a photo of you and your family smiling, holding a pumpkin that says, “Our Little Pumpkin, Due April 2014.” If you are announcing your pregnancy in the winter, try a Christmas theme. With my daughter, we made special Christmas books to give our parents.

Big Brother/Big Sister Shirt Announcement

I still love this idea. We bought my daughter a shirt that says “best sister ever.” She wore it to dinner with my family, and it was hilarious to see their reactions as they figured it out. It was tricky to find a shirt on short notice, however.

I hope I’ve given you some fun ideas for how to announce the next one. However you do it, remember that the most important part of it is that you are taking part in a miracle!

Karyn is 10 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. She loves being pregnant and is all about being creative when it’s time to tell.

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