My Pregnancy: Week 10

My Pregnancy: Week 10I am an awesome employee. Except that day I put my head down on my desk at 11:20 AM… and picked it back up forty-three minutes later.  Oops?

I was tired in the first trimester with all three pregnancies. With the first, I remember grading research papers slumped over our coffee table. With our second, I remember laying much of the day watching our first master walking. Now working, with a one- and three-year old, I am trudging through. I’m lumbering along because I can’t find enough slumber!

My pregnancies were similar in terms of early symptoms. This third pregnancy has more of a huge-rock-in-my-stomach feel than nausea, so I can get rid of the sick feeling but not the “lump on my bump” as I now call it. So here are the secrets that made the first trimester of all three pregnancies survivable:

  • A wonderful, loving husband who picked up some of the slack when I would arrive home a heap of nothing on the couch after a long day at work. His day was longer, but mine was times two people. Help, whether by significant other, family, or friend, is a secret to success.
  • Mint. In particular I find the Winterfresh gum to have some magical power over me even though I don’t know if it contains actual mint. Iced water or tea with mint leaves in it is also quite delicious. Ginger tea blends are also yummy with a side of calming.
  • Salt, sour, and vinegar. Salt and vinegar chips rock my world. Pickles work for others. Preggie Pops are also my friend.

The new, necessary secret that allows me to get through this first trimester without losing my mind involves expectations. Ultimately, I just stopped caring about some things. My work is emotionally demanding in that I am a source of emotional and spiritual support for people in the hospital. It can be physically grueling when I cover on-call night shifts about once a week. I care about my work. I care about my family. I have temporarily stopped caring about the state of the house. I slough off on Facebook and my inbox went from tidy to full of weeds. I also think Netflix feels abandoned though it won’t admit it.

And the house… oh the house. That’s what the nesting phase is for, you see. In the nesting phase you have enough energy to clean up all you left dirty during the exhausted phase. The first two pregnancies were difficult but I think I had the benefit of being allowed to rest on a couch for a few minutes without breaking the rules (except the rules of my child’s wants). So when I fell asleep at work, I realized I needed to let some things go. I gave up my “me time” in the evenings and went to sleep shortly after the children at 8. And you know what? No one has noticed! There is the little voice in the back of my mind judging me from time to time. I told her to chill; she clearly needs her rest.

Annie is a mom of two toddlers finding comfort in breakfast foods and the excitement of one little baby on the way. If only she could find time for even more sleep. 

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