Places to Nurse in Fort Worth

Best Places to Nurse in Fort WorthI had two babies in Fort Worth, and I feel like there’s nowhere in this city that I have not bared my boobs. It’s not a bad place to have a baby, either!

  1. Museum of Science and History – Fort Worthians still call The Museum of Science and History the “Children’s Museum,” because that’s what it is. It’s got great exhibits for older kids, but also a fun, contained, interactive play area for littles that has a specified nursing room that’s quiet and private. But don’t let that stop you from nursing anywhere. The room is great if your baby is the only kid you have with you, but if you have older kids, it’s much easier to do your thing while you let them play and explore. The contained outdoor area features a water play area and construction area, while you can sit on a bench and nurse away in the warm sun. Or, check out the dino dig.
  2. Central MarketCentral Market is a fabulous grocery store. It has an amazing bistro with any kind of food you could possibly need or want, including homemade all-butter chocolate chip pecan cookies, plus it’s got shaded outdoor seating and a fenced-in playground for older kids. It’s a great place to sit back and relax or meet up with other moms.
  3. Forest Park Miniature Railroad – The Zoo Train, as everyone calls it, located just outside the entrance to the Fort Worth Zoo, is $2 cash for one ride, but it lasts about 30 minutes. Everyone’s facing forward, so it’s a great option if you’re nervous about looky-loos, and on hot days, you get a nice motion-generated breeze while keeping out of the sun. It’s also been known to soothe cranky toddlers, which makes it an outstanding deal in my book.
  4. The Playscape at Hills Church – This was one of my go-to spots since it was indoors—it’s like a mall playland but with no consumerism. The playscape is open to the public weekly and features a two-story play structure that will blow your older kids’ minds. Other exhausted moms are always there to chat with you, or you can just hang out and enjoy the air conditioning. Check the website for hours and special event closings before you go.
  5. Fort Worth Botanic Garden – The garden is free to enter and park, huge, and fairly private. There are benches all over, fountains, shade, open spaces for older kids to run around, and restrooms. I highly recommend the nominal fee to enter the Japanese gardens as well.
  6. Fort Worth Water Gardens – I haven’t nursed here personally, but the gardens are beautiful, peaceful and I have yet to meet a baby who wasn’t soothed by the sound of water. It’s a huge, outdoor feature downtown, so when you’ve had enough shopping in Sundance Square, take a load off and enjoy the view.

Places to avoid:

  1. Amon Carter Stadium – The stadium has a policy of making all patrons empty ANY container containing liquid before entering, even if it’s bottled water and it’s sealed. I was personally made to pour out a sippy cup of milk for my toddler before entering, and emails I sent enquiring about their policies for nursing moms and babies offered no solution. There are no nursing areas besides family restrooms, and limited shade unless you want to stand.
  2. West 7th – This part of downtown thinks it’s quite hip and fancy. Prepare for stares.
  3. Breweries – I mention breweries not because they are particularly breastfeeding or family unfriendly here, you just won’t encounter the same kind of laid-back attitude I’ve seen in other parts of the country. There are breweries, like Rahr Brewing, where families are the norm and welcome, but others are more hipster. Check online reviews or stop by before you go to make sure you’ll feel comfortable.

Fort Worth is a pretty breastfeeding friendly town in general. I‘ve nursed just about anywhere I could legally be, and the only time I ever encountered attitude was one time when I got a flat tire and ended up at National Tire and Battery unexpectedly with a preschooler, toddler and infant in tow. The staff was super nice and didn’t bat an eye, but a woman in the waiting area was horrified when she realized I was nursing my baby, and yanked her preteen boy outside to safer grounds—the parking lot of the Hooter’s next door. Oh, the irony.

Erin Burt is a freelance writer and mother of three girls. She lives and writes in Queensbury, New York. 

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