Perfect Swimsuits for Nursing

Nursing friendly swimwear

If you’re anything like me, bathing suit shopping brings about the same sense of dread as my reoccurring nightmare about showing up naked for high school.  Bathing suits, body insecurities and the cruel fluorescent lighting in dressing rooms are a triple dose of awful. When you throw in postpartum bodies and nursing, it can make the task seem impossible.

I’m here to change your mind! First, you are beautiful and we are always our worst critics. Going to the pool or beach and having a good time with your family is so much better than being worried about what anyone else is thinking about how you look. Step one in the process of finding a great suit for nursing is confidence! We always look our best when we like what we’re wearing. So ignore what you “should” wear and find something you love!

My favorite styles for nursing moms (that aren’t specifically for nursing)

1. Halter Tops – Halter styles are perfect for mamas that need a little extra support. Loosen the tie a bit and pulling down one side of your suit is a snap!

2. Wrap Style Tops – Anything that crosses over in the front will be super easy to pull to the side for easy access. Not only are these suits incredibly easy to nurse in, but they’re generally very flattering on a wide range of

3. Zipper Front Suits – I’ve seen a lot of this style suit this season. Every single time I see it, I think about how easy that would make breastfeeding! Unzip and not only do you still have coverage, but you don’t have to worry about adjusting straps or making sure everything is in it’s original position. 

4. Bandeau Tops – This is a great choice for moms with smaller chests. I love that the center twist makes flipping one side down and keeping the other up very easy!  Most bandeau tops also come with a detachable halter string, which offers support and helps keep your suit in place.

5. Bra Style Tops – If you are well endowed you know how hard it is to find a supportive and flattering suit. This year the bra bathing suit top is very much in style. Bra style tops have support, help keep a nice shape, and are easy to nurse in. Most of them can be pulled down without much work and only require lowering one strap.

Let’s all promise ourselves that we will go forth and nurse in style! Life is too short to not throw on a suit and


head outside.

Allison Klaine is a mom of two great kids. Allison spends most days working in the brick and mortar location of MMB. She’s looking forward to spending as much time as possible in the water this summer. Allison will also be rocking her first bikini ever this summer because being worried about stretch marks and not having a  perfect body is boring!

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