The Perfect First Toys for Baby

First Toys

Your baby’s senses are exploding! Every second is spent learning and exploring.

Baby’s first toys are an essential part in the whole learning process. Babies use their whole body to learn: mouth, ears, eyes, fingers, even toes! They’re using all those things to figure out how to make things happen and the way cause and effect work. You want to find toys that are lightweight, easy to manipulate, safe for baby to put in mouth, and really aide in sensory development.

My kids were both huge fans of toys that made noises, like the squeaker in Sophie the giraffe or any toys that made a crinkle noise when played with.

My personal philosophy on toys is that children should have to play with the toys and not have the toys play for them.  I would much rather have a baby learn that if they shake a rattle a fun noise will come out than if they push a button lights and music will play.

Everything on this list is safe, great for sensory activities, colorful and perfect for baby’s first toys!

Allison Klaine is raising two great kids in the great state of Illinois. You can catch her at Mom’s Milk Boutique most days helping new and old moms find the perfect thing for their little ones!

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