You Might be the Parent of a Toddler if…

  1. You might be the parent of a toddler if...You’ve ever hidden somewhere in your house to eat something just so you didn’t have to share it.
  2. You’ve ever used a parenting problem-solving strategy on your spouse.
  3. You’ve ever thought that pretty much ANYONE else could do a better job with children than you.
  4. You’ve ever backed silently out of a room when you discovered your toddler was happily playing alone.
  5. Your friends/family have ever been surprised to see your toddler clothed.
  6. You have strong feelings about Daylight Savings Time.
  7. You always have wipes. Always.
  8. You’ve ever excused yourself from a group of adults by announcing you had to go potty.
  9. You consider it a huge victory to leave the house with your toddler in clothing that is situationally and seasonally appropriate.
  10. One word always makes you smile: Bedtime!

Erin Burt is a freelance writer and mother of three whose toddlers have made her an expert at laughing when she could be crying.  

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