Overnight Cloth Diaper Solutions

Love your cloth diapers during the day, but having trouble with them leaking overnight? This is a common dilemma for cloth diapering families; waking up in a pool of pee is definitely NOT fun…especially for co-sleeping families!  But be assured there are some awesome overnight cloth diapering solutions.

Keep in mind that a newborn breastfed baby will often poop at night for the first several weeks or even months, necessitating diaper changes through the night. However once you get through that phase and your baby is no longer pooping at night, you don’t necessarily need to change him/her during the night. Of course this assumes you have found an effective overnight cloth diapering system. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to figure out what will work as an overnight cloth diaper for your wee one. Here are two easy solutions we have found effective:

Doublers – Doublers are basically inserts or liners that you add to your cloth diapering system for extra absorbency. Doublers are specially designed to be thin yet super- duper absorbent. However if you already have a wide variety of inserts in your stash, you could simply use a regular insert or two to double up for extra night-time protection. The result may be a super bulky diaper but with dry jammies in the morning (albeit you might need to go up a size in jammies to accommodate all that bulk).

Wool Covers You all know how much I love wool and cannot say enough good things about it. I honestly think wool covers make THE BEST overnight diapers. When my second son was an itty bitty baby, I would often put a pair of longies (basically wool pants) on him over his pocket diaper for overnights. Obviously most of the time you would not use any kind of cover over a pocket diaper but this was our bulletproof night time solution for a while…mostly because I was eager to skip night time diaper changes as early as possible. Now I know wool is pricey BUT the awesome thing about wool is you can use it over and over again before needing to wash it; thus you can easily get by with just a few wool covers in your stash (particularly if you are using them primarily as your overnight diaper).

What is your bulletproof overnight cloth diaper? Would love to hear what works for other mamas!


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2 Responses to “Overnight Cloth Diaper Solutions”

  1. Brittany says:

    My bulletproof all the time/overnight cloth diaper is rump a rooz cloth diaper. I love them!