New Year, New Mom

IMG_1410If you are like me, you make several resolutions each year as the New Year approaches. For example, last year I decided I was going to eat healthier for my family and exercise more. While I have exercised more, I still do not eat as healthy as I would like.

Here are a couple resolutions I would like to make and keep this year, not just for me but for my family. I hope you can relate. If not, feel free to laugh.

#1 Be more patient

Why is this one so hard? I want to be much more patient with my children in 2016, especially my 3 year old daughter. For some reason, I am not the soft spoken sweet mother I had dreamed I would be. Instead, I lose my cool. I get angry. I get short-tempered, and for this, I am embarrassed. Anyone else ever feel this way? I want to resolve to be more loving and gentle with my children. I want to aspire for that mom I thought I would be. The one who lovingly corrects her children, not acts like a toddler herself when things don’t go as planned. I may need more sleep and more Starbucks to achieve this goal.

#2 Cook healthier meals

As moms, we are the heartbeat of our family. We set the tone for mealtime. I stay home with my kids, so why is it so hard to cook healthy food? We regularly eat macaroni and cheese and fish sticks. (Yes, I trust the Gorton’s fisherman!) I want to try to incorporate healthier foods into our diets. I want my kids to love veggies and fruits. I want to try to make some of the cute little food recipes I see on Pinterest and scowl at sometimes. I want to offer healthy choices. I will work on a weekly menu and better food prep, so that my resolution doesn’t fail.

#3 Be more thankful

Sure, my pants aren’t as loose as I would like. Sure, my house isn’t as clean as I hope. But, I have much to be thankful for. In 2016, I am going to work on being more thankful. I am going to hang up reminders through my house. My bathroom will have quotes or scriptures hanging for me when I feel down. My kid’s artwork and smiling faces will be in my kitchen. I am going to (gasp), ask my husband to keep me in-check and correct me when I become selfish and forgetful.

So, moms, what are your mom resolutions? Whatever they are, I hope your 2016 is the best year yet with your children!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of 2 in Northeast Indiana who really needs to work on keeping her resolutions this year.


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