Moving With a Newborn

MOving with a newbornLife doesn’t stop when you have a new baby. For many of us, it just gets busier and more exciting. For me, my life drastically changed after the birth of my daughter, Johanna. While I was very pregnant, my husband was finishing up his ten years of service in the United States Navy. Johanna was born in August in St. Marys, Georgia. Flash forward to September, and we were headed on the road to stay with family in Illinois and move to Northeast Indiana. Hello, moving with a new baby.

Moving is not fun, with a newborn or not. But, here are some helpful tips to help you survive the transition if you, too, find yourself changing addresses with a little one in tow.

  1. Accept Help. It’s okay to let others help you. While we were moving, I really needed my husband. I needed him to watch the baby so I could pack. Let friends and family get quality baby snuggles while you work. Consider hiring professional movers if you feel overwhelmed and just need them. Use friends to help keep you sane when it comes to organizing and decorating. Take advantage of baby’s naps and let a friend come give you a break over a Starbucks or hot tea.
  2. Plan Ahead. If you know the date of your move, use the time leading up to it to organize and prepare. For us, I knew we were moving in September. So, I spent the time leading up to the move organizing, packing, and prioritizing what I could. Schedule things like a moving truck when you have the time to make a phone call in peace.
  3. Wear Your Baby. With my son Levi, we moved again. Luckily, he was 3 months old. There is no way I could have gotten anything done with moving or unpacking without baby wearing. Choose a carrier that is comfortable for you and baby. Levi took great naps in my Boba wrap. When we moved, my Tula carrier was a lifesaver. It allowed me to have my hands free and get things put into place in our new home. The added bonus to baby wearing is that you get a workout and baby gets a great nap in.
  4. Give Yourself Time. This is a hard one for me. It’s okay if your new home has boxes in it for a while. The boxes will eventually get unpacked and your home will come together over time. Don’t feel like you have to get it all done. You are still taking care of a new baby and yourself. Remember what’s truly important and get that done. Try unpacking a certain box a day or focus on one room at a time. Use an organizing tool like the Motivated Mom’s Planner to help inspire you.
  5. Create New Memories. With our last move, I did not want to move. I was a teary mess leaving the home where my daughter learned to walk and where Levi was brought home from the hospital. I have had to remind myself that this new home is a new place to create memories. Take lots of photos of your home. Take fun pictures of your kids unpacking, playing in those moving boxes, and embrace the beautiful mess and disorder. Someday, when your home is clean and quiet, you will cherish those memories. Consider even making a scrapbook of your new life in your new home. When you move again someday, it will be a fun keepsake.

So, mom, you can survive moving with a newborn. Just remember you are supermom, and you’ve got this!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two in Northeast Indiana. She hates moving, but she does like her new place.

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