The Mother Within: Finding Your Way

Pregnancy Week 36: Making Time for Me Before Baby ArrivesLiving in a world of oversharing media, where a news break of the latest thing to hurt your child comes on every night, it is tricky to find the path to become the mother you wish to be. Attachment parenting, Tiger Moms, Free Range Parenting, all these options are out there calling to us, yet before the baby was born we dreamt of what our lives would be like. And once our little ones are out of the womb it’s easy to become very lost in the day to day of survival and perseverance without remembering who you wished to become as a mother.

Motherhood changes us all. It’s hard to imagine minutes after birth what it felt like to have a little body inside your belly. Suddenly, there is a tiny person demanding life and love where there previously was just hope and dreams. Motherhood changes us in the best ways possible, growing stretching our hearts and patience. With the birth of my first baby I had a dream of the type of mother I wished to be. In the rush and fog of it all, I quickly lost my way in the haze of sleepless nights, diapers, tears, teething and home.

Finding a way in this new life can take some practice. I found my confidence growing with each month, each day teaching me a lesson in patience, time management and growth as a person. From learning and becoming confident in diaper changes, to learning to be comfortable nursing and leaving the house, to figuring out how to manage my time and home, everyday became a lesson in confidence, trust and listening to the inner voice that told me to do it my way – to hold him, rock him, nurse him as long as I wished, to let the rest go and find my path in this new world.

By listening to this voice, the path has become easier. I trust myself more, question less and listen to my children as they show me the way. Often we believe that we must have all the answers, but the one thing I have learned with my boys is to listen to them. They have shown me the way, how to raise them, how to teach them, how to be the mother they need me to be. Sometimes it is the tough mom, who holds her ground, and sometimes it is the silly fun mom who shows them that it is ok to cut loose once in a while. This lesson took me a while, took my a while to catch on to listen to them and learn to let myself be molded into their mother.

Motherhood is a journey, some find it easy and smooth and others a bit less so. But finding our own path on the journey makes the road much more enjoyable. There is no substitute for sharing our own confidence with our children; soon they catch on and accept it as their own.

Pia Watzig is a stay at home mom in Portland, Oregon. She lives, loves, laughs and giggles with three little boys ages 5, 3 and 6 months.


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