Mommy Play Dates

Mommy Play Dates

Life with a toddler is one big adventure. Toddlers find awe in the little things and it doesn’t take much to excite them. However, as moms, we all need a little excitement, too. It’s important to schedule some play dates for mommy as well as for your little one. Here are some great ideas for mommy play dates.

Girl Time at a Friend’s House
The easiest way to spend quality time with other moms is in a setting where your little ones can also be interacting. Getting together with friends at your home or theirs where there are snacks and toys is a great way to get some mommy time. Scheduling time during the play date for mommy activities is fun, too. Find someone to be the designated baby sitter while the moms in your group indulge in a spa date, complete with manicures and pedicures. Have a mommy play date where you cook a new recipe with friends and get the little ones involved. Someone’s house serves as a safe and comfortable location for lots of fun.

Coffee Date
These are my favorite. Coffee shops today are starting to see the need for mom-friendly venues. We have two local coffee shops that provide a play area for kids. Moms can sit and relax while their little ones enjoy tons of toys and interaction with other kids. Sometimes it just takes an hour or so to refresh your soul and perspective. Good coffee doesn’t hurt, either.

Outside Play Dates
With the beautiful fall weather upon us, it’s time to get outside. Schedule a play date with other moms where you go for a stroller walk or check out a local park. Better yet, do both in one play date! Your kids will be interested in each other and their surroundings while you catch up on adult conversation. Do a fun craft outside with other moms.

When Daddy Can Babysit
Obviously, these are the best mommy play dates. My favorite thing to do for myself is schedule a dinner date with some of my close friends, no kids allowed. We don’t get to do this very often, but when we do, it’s so much fun. We can eat slowly and don’t have to worry about feeding others. (Don’t get me wrong, we still chat about our kids the whole time!) Schedule a night where you can go to the movies with other moms. Splurge on popcorn. Make a Saturday afternoon shopping trip a play date at your local Target or check out local craft and art classes. Use the babysitting time as an opportunity to do something you don’t get to do all of the time.

It’s vital for moms to have “me time.” Include your kids when you can and try to confide in trusted adults to watch your little ones so you can still enjoy kid-free time. Play dates are fun—both kid ones and mommy ones!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of 2 in Northeast Indiana. Her favorite mommy play date right now is going to a local coffee shop and getting a banana hazelnut latte. Yum!

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