When Mom is Gone

when mom is goneMy mom passed away when I was 20. The first holidays were especially hard, but one day that continued to be difficult was Mother’s Day. In college, all of my friends would go home to see their moms, but all I had was memories.  Once I was married we would celebrate with my awesome mother-in-law, but I wished I had my mom. Then we decided we wanted kids of our own, but this did not come easily. So when Mother’s Day rolled around not only did I miss my mom, but I also longed for babies of my own.

I became a mom November 15, 2010. From that day on I have had an even deeper appreciation for everything my mom did for me. My first Mother’s Day as a mom was bittersweet; I was thankful for the beautiful daughter I was blessed with, but wished my mom was able to enjoy her as well. We had my mother-in-law and my husband’s grandmother over for dinner to celebrate all of the moms in his family. It was an enjoyable afternoon and I was able to celebrate my mom by cooking for everyone. I always enjoyed helping my mom in the kitchen and am thankful for all the memories I have of her teaching me how to cook.

When mom is gone

I try to talk about my mom on a regular basis with my daughter. I remember things we did together when I was small and try to do some of the same things with my daughter so that we can make precious memories. This year we do not have plans for Mother’s Day yet, but I am sure it will involvelooking through pictures of me with my mom and cooking family dinner. My daughter will probably help me make a dessert for everyone.

As my kids get older, I hope to share more stories about my mom with them. I wish she were here with us to celebrate Mother’s Day, but I can celebrate her daily by sharing stories and memories with my children.


Kristen Beggs will celebrate this Mother’s Day thankful for her 3.5 year old daughter and 18 month old son while missing her mom.

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