Making the Most of Naptime

IMG_0290Your baby begins to rub their eyes. You know they are tired. You nurse them, rock them, or do whatever it is works to soothe them. Then, you lay them down. Magic happens soon after as all goes quiet. Your baby is asleep. It’s naptime. Here are some ways to make the most out of those magical minutes.

  1. Exercise: I’ve been guilty of saying I have no time to work out. Invest in a few DVDs and exercise while baby sleeps. If you have a treadmill or elliptical, use it while you have no distractions. You will feel great after!
  2. Meal Prep: Cooking supper with little ones can sometimes be a challenge. For me, I usually have a baby hanging on my legs and another child who wants my attention. Use baby’s nap to prep whatever food you can for tonight’s meal. Many dinner options can be thrown into a crock pot. Easy peasy.
  3. Shower: Every mom’s dream is a nice, long, uninterrupted shower. Take your time. If you prefer a bath, use that nice, scented bubble bath you have buried in the bottom of your bathroom cabinet.  Delish-ious body wash is one product that will help you feel pretty and clean.
  4. Nap: We all could use extra rest. Take this time to lay in your bed and catch some much needed rest. Keep your monitor handy.
  5. Play with Other Children: I sometimes forget to stop and pay attention to my daughter while baby brother is sleeping. Use this time as sweet memory making. Johanna loves for me to play Barbies or bake with her. This is the best way to use time. If it’s the weekend, make time for you and your spouse.
  6. Work or Clean: If you have work you need to catch up on or cleaning, it’s okay to do a little bit while baby sleeps. My advice is just don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be exhausted when baby awakes.
  7. Self-care: Fix your hair. Do your make-up. Pick-out a nice outfit for the day. Paint your nails. Whatever it is that you usually don’t have time to do, get this done now.
  8. Take Care of Business: I often use naptime to make phone calls, schedule appointments, and send emails or texts. I don’t want to be on my phone constantly around my kids, and it’s easier to speak to a receptionist when toddlers aren’t around.
  9. Take Time for Hobbies: Whatever it is you like to do but feel like you have no time for, do it during naptime. I love to read. I have another mom friend who loves to sew. No one is interrupting you and you will feel good investing in you.
  10. Relax: This one is the hardest for me. Sit down, momma! Sip your coffee or some great tea like Birds and Bees.  Catch up on your DVR. Read the news. Just relax because yes, baby will be awake soon, and deep down we all miss our babies when they’re sleeping.

What do you like to do during naptime?

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two in Northeast Indiana. Her kids are asleep so she’s working away at her blog list. 

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