Making Baby’s First Christmas Memorable

SAMSUNGThe adorable reindeer bibs, fun holiday diapers, the onesies covered in Santa, the sweet keepsakes.  Baby’s First Christmas.  As a new mom, you can’t help but be excited!  But how can you really celebrate and make that first Christmas memorable when your baby is still so tiny?  Here are a few tips:

Tip #1:  Create Traditions

Even when your baby is tiny and new, you can still start family traditions.  My daughter was 4 months old on her first Christmas, and we were all alone as a new family.  We decided every year we are going to read her “The Night Before Christmas” and drink hot cocoa.  Maybe you want your little one to love Christmas music?  Get her in the spirit early!  Babies love music! Write a note to Santa and leave milk and cookies.  Take baby out to look at the Christmas lights.  Whatever the traditions are you want to pass on to your little one, it is never too early to start.

Tip #2: Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

Christmas is a magical time and what better time to surround your little one and yourself with those who really matter in life.  Let Grandma have some extra time with your sweetie and treat yourself to a little me time.  The holidays are a great time to let your baby bond with family and explore new faces. Take advantage of having family around and take an annual Christmas family photo.  By next Christmas, your little one will look very different.

Tip #3:  Indulge in All of the Sweet Things of the Season

Take your little one to get a photo with Santa.  Make ornaments.  Baby footprints make the cutest ones!  Buy your baby some of those adorable Christmas pajamas that you see in the stores.  Create a stocking to hang up for baby.  Decorate your house for the season.  Your baby will love looking at all of the lights and listening to the sounds of your decorations, no matter how old they are.

Remember new mom, your little one will only have one first Christmas.  In a few years, presents will be ripped open excitedly, cookies and milk will be devoured, and plenty of Christmas cuddles will take place.  Enjoy this first one—stress-free, quiet, and oh so memorable.

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