M is For Mom!

M is for MomApril showers bring May flowers and Mother’s Day. Whether you are a new mom, an old pro, prefer to spend the day with your kiddos, or want some peace and quiet, this is the day for you. Sometimes though, figuring out what to do for mom can be hard.

So, for a unique perspective on Mother’s Day suggestions, let’s look at it from dad’s point of view. A popular website gives advice and ideas on how to please moms of all walks. A few ideas include:

  • Flowers. But not just flowers in a vase with a bow. We’re talking flowers to plant, the gloves to wear when planting them, digging tools, mulch, soil, big floppy hats, knee cushions, and a comfy chair to sit in and relax once the work is done.
  • Perfumes and lotions. This can include a pre-built boxed set, or do a mix and match at the local dollar store. You might find a really cool distressed basket at a local thrift shop and then fill it with a variety of lotions and bath gels from the dollar store. Top it off with a candle, put the kids to bed early and run the water!
  • Food. Who doesn’t love a good meal, and for the mom that loves to prepare it, kitchen gadgets are a perfect gift. You don’t have to go for something big here, maybe the ingredients of her favorite dessert complete with the recipe reprinted on parchment paper and signed by the family.
  • Help mom save the planet. Today’s moms are environmentally conscious. If this is your mom’s thing, go for products made from recycled materials, or have the kids pick up the neighborhood trash and take it to the recycling center. Make a family trip out of it, and use the day to pass on your values to your little ones.

Whatever your mom likes, and whatever your budget, there are endless possibilities to make her feel special on this day. You really can’t go wrong, as long as you put thought into what you do, and show mom how much you care. Most importantly, give your time. The one thing they aren’t making more of, or that can’t be reproduced is time. I promise you, your time is the best gift you can give and she wants it more than a new shirt, massage, pair of jeans or piece of chocolate. Well, maybe not the chocolate….

Gretchen Latham is a mom of one who lives and writes in Oklahoma City.

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