Why I Love Cloth Diaper Flats

cloth diaper flatsWhen it comes to cloth diapers we’ve tried them all. That includes different styles, brands, price points, and more. I recall buying a package of flats before our first was born about five years ago. I heard they were intimidating and… they were! Actually, it wasn’t the flats that were intimidating so much as the flats on top of, you know, that whole being a new parent and all the new things and choices that come with parenting. Flats were just one more thing to learn.

I ended up selling that ½ dozen of flats but made another purchase about two years in at the encouragement of some other cloth diaper mamas. “So easy,” they said. They were right. I love them! They make up about a third of our stash now, mostly because I don’t want to invest in more when we are mostly through our diapering years. So why should you give them a try?

Flats wash easy. Being only one layer thick your detergent does not have to make its way so deep into many layers of an insert to get the muck out. This is especially helpful if your needing to diaper a toddler with ammonia strong urine. Flats don’t tend to hold smell like some synthetic materials or thick inserts do.

Flats fold easy. Sure you can do the fancy but really you just bring corner to corner until the right size for babe. You can tailor the basic fold to add absorbency in the front or between the legs or at the bum depending on if you have a boy or a girl, belly sleeper or back layer. Because they can fold quite trim, adding a second one does not add a lot of bulk, especially when folded to wrap around the babe as a fitted.

Flats are cost-effective. You can find very inexpensive flats options in the kitchen section of many stores. Most all flats are (bleached or unbleached) natural fibers. They can vary by weave. Ultimately most are cotton, sometimes with a blend of hemp or bamboo for additional absorbency. These tend to be more expensive but still cost-effective when compared to inserts of similar makeup. If you are really on a budget, are the supreme of eco-friendliness, or are in a pinch you can use many things as a “flat,” including t-shirts and dish towels.

Flats last. There is rarely need to buy multiple sizes. You can fold small for newborns or turn long ways and still fit on a toddler. This is one reason they are so cost-effective.

Flats shine in specific circumstances. Washer on the fritz? Prefer to hand wash? Going camping? Traveling? Flats win. In many situations flats are a great go-to for all the other reasons listed combined.

Flats are many things to a diaper. You can fold them more intricately. You can pad fold them simply. They can go into a cover or into a pocket. You can use them as more of a fitted. Whatever you need a flat can be that.

Flats have other uses. Flats make great burp cloths. They also are fantastic cleaning cloths for around the house once babe no longer needs them. Again, this makes for a cost-effective, eco-friendly choice in cloth diapering!

Lynette is a mom of three children from 3 months to age four. She has cloth diapered all three since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

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