Leaving Baby with a Sitter

First Time with a SitterWe have two early November babies, and once Christmas parties rolled around my husband was ready for a date. Me? Not as much. We left our first with grandma, and when our second came along we had a trusted sitter who watched both kids. Those Christmas parties were a little stressful for me, but definitely a good opportunity to have some adult time.

How did I make it through the parties?

A trusted sitter–along with preparation and organization–helped me survive the first time away from my babies. I left a list with our cell numbers and trusted neighbors’ numbers, as well as our address in case that they had to dial 9-1-1.  Also on my list were detailed instructions and pointers as to what the baby liked. Once the sitter arrived, we went over the list.

A few days before the party I would pump and have dad feed the baby a bottle for the first time. Both kids were not big fans of the bottle, but they each took it. I pumped plenty of milk for the sitter and had everything ready where she could just put the bottle in a bowl of hot water to warm it. I fed the baby right before we left the house so they would be full and I would be comfortable for a longer time. With my second, we made sure to have my first’s meal prepped so it was easy for the sitter to feed her. I had pajamas and night time diapers laid out as well.

First Time in Outside Childcare

We are involved in our church so the time soon came when we had to leave the baby in the church nursery. I always fed the baby right before I dropped them off and made sure to have a well organized diaper bag so the nursery workers could find what they needed. I quickly went over how to change a cloth diaper, too; most people were surprised but willing to change the pocket diaper. I always made sure to include the easiest diapers for first-timers when taking them to church. I let the nursery workers know I would like to be called if they had any problems and would leave with tears in my eyes—for me, not them.

How did you make it through the first time you left your baby with someone else?

Kristen Beggs stays at home with her 16 month old and three year old. She now loves date nights and sitting in church services without interruptions.


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