Have Kids, Will Travel!

I am a military wife with family all over the United Sates.  When I first became a mommy I thought nothing of traveling with a newborn baby.  I started taking my daughter Sahara flying when she was 6 months old.  My biggest must-do was to breastfeed her on the take off and the landing to prevent discomfort in her ears.  It always seemed to work because passengers always commented when it was time to get off the plane that she was an amazing traveler. 

Here are a few tips from past flights with Sahara, and from research from my plane trip to India with her and my twins:Have kids, will travel

  • I always got her one new, small toy for our trip anytime I had a flight to keep her attention for a few hours, if not the entire trip.
  • I kept her awake until the flight to ensure that she would nap on the flight.  Saving me another couple of hours, depending on how long the flight was.
  • Bring a TON of snacks.  I packed a bag full of every snack all of my kids loved from yogurt raisins (which were the messiest) to crackers.  Snacks keep them really busy and helps prevent eating plane food or at fast food restaurants during layovers if you pack enough.
  • Books! Keep it short and sweet and bring a few favorites and one new.  I read the same three books every night so I brought those since we know they love them.
  • I was searching on Pinterest for ideas and I found an idea for a cereal necklace, which is genius!  I can’t wait to surprise the kids with my special creation once we board the flight to India and see how excited they are. I found this in an article and might also try this:  String Cheerios on dental floss—a necklace you can eat after you make it!
  • Extra clothes are also essential for if there are spills or potty accidents.  You can never be too prepared here.  And, after a long trip to India.  I’m packing pajamas and some extra clothes in case our suitcases aren’t there when we land.
  • I also have electronics (I know) with learning games and fun games on a Kindle, Leap Frog (they don’t like as much) and now adding my old iPad and iPhone to the mix for the flight, both jam-packed with apps to entertain them with ideas from Parenting.com.

I think with these ideas, we’ll be set for our intercontinental trip. What are your favorite tips and tricks for flying with your baby?

Natasha Rao is a mother of three and fashion blogger who recently moved from Tucson, Arizona to India. 

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