Juggling a Toddler and New Baby

Jugging a toddler and a new babyMotherhood comes with highs and lows, challenges and victories. As a mom of one, you seem to think things are always a mess and take things way too seriously from what your child eats to a small tantrum in Walmart. Then, you have a new baby.

For many women, this new baby comes while they still have a toddler in tow. For me, my new baby came 3 days before my daughter’s second birthday. While I am not an expert or supermom by any means, here are some tips I’ve discovered when it comes to juggling a toddler and new baby.

Make Time for Both Children

New babies require a lot of attention. Newborns sleep 16 to 17 hours a day during the first months. Use the time when the new baby is asleep to bond with your toddler. Play with their favorite toy. Do a fun craft. Read a book together. It doesn’t matter what you do, just spend time with the other child.  It’s so tempting to lay on the couch, zone out, and turn on the television while baby sleeps. Trust me. But your toddler will notice when you take the time to invest in their day. Likewise, make sure you are responding to your new baby’s needs and use the quality time with your new baby to help show your toddler how to care and nurture. Take your toddler on a mommy-and-me date. Spend time alone with your baby and let Daddy take your toddler to the park.

Set Priorities

While I was pregnant with my second child, I had a naïve view of what life with 2 would be like. I still envisioned a clean, organized home. I still thought I would have shaved legs, washed hair, and a well-rested appearance. Remember that you only have so many hours in your day. Laundry can wait, even though the piles will be much higher with two kids. Let your spouse help with meals and grocery shopping. Get done what you need to get done and leave the rest when you need to.

Learn to Let Loose

Juggling two little ones requires a new mindset. Things may seem crazy one day, but there is always tomorrow. Remember, they are only little once. Moms with more than one little one are everywhere and still function just fine. I laugh at myself when we go to the store. I have one baby in my Tula carrier and a squirmy toddler who wants mommy to hold her. I’m sure we look like the crazy train.

Take time for yourself. Take a bubble bath, drink some hot tea, make the most of your “me time.” You can do this.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two in Northeast Indiana. She loves both of her little ones and is still learning on a daily basis on how to be a good mom to both of them.

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