Ju-Ju-Be: Stylish, Practical, and Absolutely Amazing

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.21.58 AMEveryone has something they love. For some women, it’s shoes or clothes. For me, it’s always been purses. So when I was looking for a diaper bag, I knew I needed something big, unique, and amazing. I have been through several over the years, but I keep coming back to my Ju-Ju-Be bags. They are worth every penny and have gotten me through trips, toddler meltdowns, and sticky situations with snacks.  Here are some of my favorite products I’ve used from Ju-Ju-Be.

Be Quick: These small bags are perfect for keeping your diapering essentials together. My Be Quick has diapers, wipes, and extra clothes inside for quick changes. I also use a Be Quick for snacks in my purse, because I can’t stand for things to not be organized. In the past, I have used these bags for my mommy needs. It’s easy to pull them out when you just need a small bag to run into a store. The wristlet feature makes it easy to take care of your little ones, too.

Super Be: This bag is my go-to bag for the gym. It’s huge and spacious for all of my needs including shoes, towels, showering items, extra clothes, kid items, and my water bottle. It’s perfect for a weekend travel bag, too. I have this bag in one of the adorable Hello Kitty prints, and I often wish I had about 3 more. It is truly super.

BFF: The BFF is just what it says. As a mom of multiple kids, this bag has become my BFF. It can be used as a messenger bag or backpack. It easily wipes clean and has pockets galore. It features a mommy pocket in the front for your phone, wallet, keys, etc. It’s not too big to use daily, but it holds a ton! The prints are beautiful and the interior is just as impressive. I have this bag in the Platinum Petals print and have gotten multiple compliments on it in the past.

Be Set: I purchased a Be Set on a whim recently, and I am so glad I did. These 3 pieces keep all of my needs organized in my backpack. I have this in the Royal Envy pattern. I use the large set piece for my mommy needs- wallet, lip gloss, hair brush, keys, feminine products, etc. I use the medium set piece for toys in my bag. It is so easy to pull-out in a restaurant when my kids need entertainment. The small set piece is perfect for make-up or just holding my credit cards when I don’t want to carry in more than needed to a store. There are so many uses for these products.

Ju-Ju-Be products are cute, versatile, and something I definitely recommend in investing in. I’m already thinking about getting a new bag for my baby on-the-way!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two in Northeast Indiana where she loves bags of all shapes and sizes. 

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