Never Too Young to Swim

Swimming, Swimming, Keep on Swimming...Before my first was born I knew that I wanted her to learn how to swim. Swimming is a skill that can actually save a child’s life. I did research once she arrived and learned that she could start Parent-Tot Swim Lessons at our community aquatics center as early as three months old.

I went and bought a super cute swimsuit and of course a swim diaper, too. I did not really need an excuse to buy another cute diaper! I did learn though that I did not like the swim diapers without side snaps–pulling down one poopy diaper taught me that lesson.

There is a wide range of infant swim classes out there from ISR Self Rescue to basically just water play. Our classes were somewhere in the middle–they were run by an instructor, but each parent was the one interacting with their child. We started by singing “The Wheels on the Bus” and had movements to go with the song. Movements included moves such as kicking, front stroke, back stroke, butterfly stroke and splashing. We also worked on moves to teach them to roll to their back; hold onto the side; hold their breath underwater; and only get in when they were told to do so.

Our classes were 30 minutes twice a week. I felt like the routine was great, and that she really became comfortable in and loved the water. This is also a great way for both stay-at-home-moms and babies to meet others. We did the swim lessons until our weather was warm enough to start visiting our community pool. Once it warmed up, we were at the pool almost every day practicing what we learned. She really loves the water and loves going to the pool now.

Today, my daughter goes to swim lessons without mom in the pool. She continues to get better each day, and if she ever falls into the water hopefully she can make her way to the side of the pool and get out on her own. Swimming lessons do not replace attentive parents at the pool, but they can add an additional layer of safety.

Kristen Beggs is a cloth-diapering mom of two. She loves to spend her summer afternoons by the pool.

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