How to Video: Front Carry in an ERGObaby Carrier

The ERGObaby Carrier is one of my all-time favorite carriers. I have been using an ERGO with my boys for over 5 years now! A friend of mine who has the most gorgeous 6th month old recently asked me how I do the front carry in an ERGObaby Carrier. So like any normal friend would do, I made a video blog post to answer her question, lol!

In the video below, I demonstrate how to do the front carry with my almost FOUR year old! While he is within the weight limitations (maximum weight is 45lbs), I do not wear him anymore. In the rare circumstance I would need to wear him, I would likely put him on my back. However my 21 month toddler, who I still wear almost daily, was not at all interested in getting in the ERGO once he saw the camera. No way was he getting in the ERGO when there was a camera screen to look at. After several failed attempts to video me putting Izzy in the ERGO (I could post some funny outtakes!), I asked Abraham to help me out instead…

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