How to Travel with Cloth Diapers

So you’re going on a trip, a trip with a baby in cloth diapers. This might seem impossible but I’m here to tell you it’s not.

In fact, it can be easier than traveling with disposable diapers. No worries about where to throw away or having to keep a stinky disposable in the car or your diaper bag until you can get to a trash can. No guessing about brands or what size your little one is in. With a few tips your next trip with cloth diapers will be a snap.

Hopefully wherever you’re going has a washing machine. If you’re staying at a hotel, make sure to ask. Most have onsite washing machines you can use. You can even call ahead so you can be sure and book somewhere that makes washing your cloth diapers easy.

What you need (Assuming you’re staying somewhere with a washing machine)

First, consider what kind of diapers you use. Obviously AIOs or pockets will take up more room than covers and prefolds or hybrids. Make sure you have enough diapers to last 2 days plus a few extras for the inevitable mishap that seems to always happen when you’re away from home. I love the flip system for travel. Covers take up so little space, and they even have handy disposable inserts if you run out of time for laundry.

Three wetbags would be the perfect number: one for the car, one for the diaper bag, and the biggest one you have for wherever you’re staying. Having three will keep you covered at all times.

Detergent samples are awesome for travel. You don’t have to lug around huge bags or bottles of detergent and they can be easily tucked into whatever you’re using to store diapers. Most detergent companies have samples that are cheap and easy to get.

Storage is essential when you’re traveling with cloth. In the past I’ve used a large tupperware storage box and it’s worked very well. Big enough to keep a large amount of diapers and a good size and shape to fit nicely in your trunk. The container worked better for me than a bag because it was easier to go through and keep organized.

Don’t let travel keep your little one out of cloth. With a little planning and a little determination you can make cloth diapers on the road a simple thing.

Allison Klaine is a mom to Lucy, 4 and Jack, 3.  She’s been through many, many trips with cloth in tow!

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