How to Get Your Kids Excited about Veggies!



Getting young children to eat healthy foods can be a challenge at times. Involving children in the cooking process can engage their senses and help them connect with foods. Here’s a fun activity that gets kids excited about exploring with veggies!

1. Give child a small portion of pizza dough to roll out. You can make your own and add extra healthy ingredients such as flax seed or nutritional yeast to for an extra healthy boost! Here is a great whole-grain, dairy free dough recipe from King Arthur flour. I haven’t tried this one, but here is a gluten free recipe as well.

Rolling out the dough

2. Give them a spoon and a bowl of “Extra Sneaky Marinara Sauce” to spread on their dough. What makes it sneaky? It’s full of yummy, healthy pureed vegetables! (recipe coming soon!)

Spreading the sauce

3. Provide a tray of assorted veggies and cheese for them to choose from and place on their pizza dough as desired. We use Daiya cheese because it is vegan friendly as well as soy-free and gluten free…plus it’s yummy.


4. Bake and Enjoy!

(please provide supervision if allowing your children to place items into a preheated oven!!)

Into the oven

Showing off their pizzas


If you try this activity with your kids please share with us how it went!

– Sarah

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