How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper.

How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper.

A lot of people think that I’m crazy.  Not because of the way I dress, not because my home is a total mess (it’s not…ever), not even because of my personality (I’m pretty quiet).  Instead, it’s how I choose to diaper my baby that gets to them.

I frequently get the question, “So…what kind of diapers do you use/recommend?”

I reply, “We use cloth diapers and we love them!”

That’s when I get the “you’re crazy” look which only gets stronger when they find out that I have been breastfeeding for 13+ months AND I still use a sling to carry my toddler around.  But, for that, I don’t mind being crazy!  What I’m doing is what is best for MY child, and I’ll take all the looks people have to give me. It’s worth it.

After realizing that cloth diapering is a lot easier than it was when I when I was a child, I decided it was something that I wanted to do.  My husband?  That was a different story.  Just think, you’re getting ready to have your first bundle of joy and there’s so much that goes along with it– clothing, cribs, bedding, nursery decor, swings, bouncers, NAMES and that’s the fun stuff; let’s not forget the spit-up, the late nights and lack of sleep…the poop.  I knew I’d have some serious convincing to do, and I’d like to share my, “honey, this is worth it” list with you.

So, obviously the first thing you want to do when trying to convince your husband to hop on board (with anything, really) is to go and turn on a ball game.  Get him a cold drink, hand him the remote, give him a kiss and let him know you won’t complain one bit during the game that he’s not spending time oohing and ahhing over all of the stuff you got at your baby shower- so long as you can have some undivided attention when it’s over.  I find that 10 times out of 10 this works.  When the game is over, give him 5 minutes to get over his excitement or disappointment and then sit down with him.  Start with reason number one (this was the biggest reason for us):

1.  “Honey, cloth diapering will save us a lot of money.”  No one is ever opposed to saving a good dollar or two….or several hundred in this case.  Cloth diapering is a very cost effective way to cover your baby’s (or babies’) bottom(s).  While you’ll be putting out a good amount of money up front, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the long run- especially if you’re planning on having more than one child.  When we purchased our set of cloth diapers (22 bumGenius One Size 3.0’s) we spent a little over $350.  I know… deep breaths.  That’s a big number.  Ready to keep going?

So, on average, for the first 7 months of your baby’s life, you’re going to go through 7-10 diapers a day. Doing some quick math, that’s close to 1,600 diapers in 7 months!  If you spend $7 (the cheap brands) per 32 diapers, then by month 7, your baby has gone through about  In the first 7 months you’ve spent $355 on just diapers!

Now, if you invested in the one size cloth diapers, you’d have already broken even!  Amazing, isn’t it?  By month 9 we were saving money!  Interested in finding out how much you’d be saving?  Go here and do your own calculations.  This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of your savings if you keep it up with baby number 2, then 3…  Imagine if you put the money you’d be using towards diapers into savings–what a great start to a college fund!

You may be able to stop your convincing right here.  The money saving may very well be enough of an incentive for your husband to want to go ahead with it (it was for me).  If it’s not, well, keep going….

At this point, you’re pretty set on cloth diapering.  You’ve gotten past the money reason and while it’s piqued his interest, your husband may not be sold yet. Remember, there are a lot of preconceived notions about cloth diapering that make it less than appealing to most mommies–imagine how the dad’s feel about it. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other reasons to grab him!  Onto reason number 2:

2.  “Poop is gross.”  Stay with me, now.  I’m going to tell you what I tell anyone who wonders why I do cloth – poop is gross no matter what.  If it’s in a disposable diaper sitting in a trashcan gathering stink or if it’s sitting in a diaper pail waiting to be washed–it’s gross.  I highly recommend (if you do decide to cloth diaper) a diaper sprayer.  It will save your life…or at the very least your hands from having to spend a lot of time in the toilet cleaning diapers.  Definitely worth it.

Obviously, the laundry aspect of it isn’t too fun.  In fact, if we’re being honest, those are some of my least favorite moments of the week…I think I’d rather clean toilets in a frat house.  If I felt this way about it, I knew when I spoke with my husband that this could be a potential deal breaker.  So, I went in also knowing that when he asked, “Who’s going to be doing the laundry?”, if I was serious about it, I needed to suck it up and say, “I will.”  You may have to do that, too.  The laundry isn’t fun, but when I see my little girl waddling around in her pink bumGenius…it’s worth it.

3. “Cloth diapering has come a long way since we were babies.”  And it has!  It’s incredible how much like a normal disposable diaper some cloth diapers are.  If you’re going for the super money savings, you may want to just go with the prefolds and snappies, BUT if you’re going for the ease and convenience in cloth diapering, the world is at your finger tips!  There are all kinds of brands out there, many of them you can find at Mom’s Milk Boutique. You can find all kinds of different things that float your boat- velcro or snaps, one size fits all or all in ones, washable liners and/or disposable liners–the list goes on and on!  So, do your research- make sure you do it together because he’ll be changing diapers, too, and you want him to get something that’s going to be comfortable for him.  As I mentioned above, we chose to use the bumGenius 3.0 one size diapers and not only is my husband comfortable with using them, so are the grandparents, friends and babysitters who have come over.

At this point, take a deep breath, smile and gauge the reaction.  If it looks like he’s convinced then you need not continue, you don’t want it to start to feel like a lecture!  If it looks like he may need some more convincing, there are several other great reasons to cloth diaper.  It’s much better on the environment (for all you mommas with “green” hubbies); it’s much better for baby’s bottom– less diaper rash = less money spent on diaper creams (again, with the money saving) AND less diaper rash = less tears and pain; it’s easier to potty train a baby who has been cloth diapered because they’re used to having that kind of fabric on their bottoms (the cloth diapers are more like a pull up and less like the bulky disposable diapers) and so it’s not quite as big of a transition.

Will people think you’re crazy?  Probably.  Would it be easier to buy disposable diapers, throw them away, and not think about it?  Definitely.  Is it worth it to save the money, do the laundry, and protect your sweet baby’s bottom?  Absolutely. Start the conversation with your husband, and hopefully he will see, like mine did, that it’s worth it.

by Christy Kayle, guest contributor


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235 Responses to “How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper.”

  1. Catlizc says:

    My husband was convinced AFTER I bought the diapers! Once my little girl was in them, her diaper rashes stopped, and she started sleeping better! Once he saw a happy, sleeping baby- he was all for it!

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  9. Colleen says:

    i didnt really convince him or ask for that matter.. i kinda just ordered them & when the arrived i kinda just said this is what were using for now on & that was that. bahah hes a really good sport with all of the “things” that i do.

  10. Amber says:

    What are you all saying to your husbands about cost savings that seems to be so convincing? I thought I tried that tactic… “It will only cost us a couple hundred initially and we won’t need any more diapers. Compare that to 2+ years of disposables and it’s a huge savings.” His response, “Why are you assuming our kid will be in diapers for 2 years? Yeah, I know that’s normal, but why do you assume our kid will be normal?”

  11. Leah says:

    There were many reasons my husband agreed to cloth diaper. But first, let me say that I didn’t need to convince him. I didn’t “talk him into it”. He actually wanted to and I was the one hesitant and saying “will you really participate in changing our baby if we did use cloth?”.
    1) We live in an area where there is no garbage pickup so we have to burn our garbage ourselves or haul it to the dump.
    2) We have a limited budget.
    3) We don’t have to pay utilities where we rent.
    4) We have many friends who could give us advice and even sell us some used cloth diapers.
    5) They’re almost like disposibles in the ease of putting them on and taking them off, so it would be simple for both of us, friends, relatives and babysitters to use.
    My husband’s favorite diapers are GroBaby… above 3 other brands we have. He love that you can reuse the shell. And the new colors/prints are FANTASTIC!

  12. Christen D. says:

    Our twin boys were about 8 months old before I decided I was sick of buying diapers all the time. i realized I was spending $18 every 5 days. So I started looking into cloth diapers. I knew I had to have all my information together before approaching him. I decided to go with the bumgenius one size pockets. They seemed to be the most like disposables and the twins would fit into them until potty trained. I needed something he would be willing and able to use. Then I showed him how much we were spending a month, and then how much the cloth would be. I told him any poop diaper could be left for me on top of the pail and I would spray it out, plus I would do all the diaper laundry. My final way to convince him was that if it didn’t work out we could recoup much of our costs because used cloth diapers actually sell! I went and bought 24 BG for them right away! He was skeptical I’d keep up with it, but 20 months later we are still using cds!

  13. tasha says:

    I didn’t really have to convince my husband to cloth diaper, I told him I wanted to do it for the environment and that I felt it would be easy. That’s it!

  14. casey says:

    My hubs is pretty easy going but he dis sneer at first, but after explaining to him that our babe will probably have SUPER sensitive skin like us and cloth would be better and of course the cost didnt hurt!

  15. Carra Manley says:

    I told my hubby we would save a TON of $$$$. That was enough for him.

  16. Amber says:

    I didn’t really discuss it too much with my husband other than to tell him about the money saving benefit. I work from home so I do almost all of the diaper duty anyway. I now wish I had started sooner and put my older 3 in cloth when they were babies! It is so easy to use cloth, not a hassle at all and plus fluffy butts are super cute 🙂 I have 2 babies in cloth now and wouldn’t have it any other way!

  17. Amanda F says:

    My husband was not at all thrilled with cloth diapering. He of course thought disposable was the best way until I showed him one of the Gro baby’s that I purchased. When I said cloth diapers he instantly thought prefolds and pins, what his mother used on him when he was a baby. My macho husband was then thrilled. Gro baby’s are awesome and the ease of use is amazing. When we are out and about we use them with the bio liners. I am very happy with these diapers and how easy the transition was.

  18. Leasa says:

    My husband was not keen on the idea at first so I eased him in with showing him the Hybrid diapers where you could throw away the liner. From there I just kept showing him different types at the store and how much money we would save and that it is great for the earth. Since I do the laundry anyway he thought it was a good idea. Plus we both agreed at how cute they are!!

  19. Angela says:

    I’m generally into more natural things for babies so as we were expecting our first baby I started to drop the topic of cloth diapers into conversation. My husband initially was not too thrilled because he still pictured the prefold days but once he saw pictures of what cloth diapers look like today he was much more interested. The pros really do sell the cloth diapers (cost, environment, less chemicals near baby, so soft materials). And as a man, he now gets more excited about gadgets – like our diaper sprayer! But whatever it takes to keep him on board!I really was committed to cloth with or without his support but it definitely helps to have it! And our GroBaby diapers are the only ones that currently fit our 4 week old & they are truly amazing in absorbency, fit, ease of use & laundering. we LOVE them!

  20. Melissa says:

    Surprisingly, my SO was very supportive of cloth diapering. He’d known I wanted to do it from birth but we couldn’t afford the start up costs until tax return time. Then he drove me over 2 hours to the nearest store so I could buy in person!! It was pretty much, I change the diapers, it costs A LOT less in the long run, she’s allergic to everything, and constantly has a rash – cloth diapering will stop it. Lol, now my daycare was a whole other matter. I had to show her how easy it was – almost like a disposable because the only extra step for her was rinsing and/or putting it in the wetbag. Which really isn’t an extra step when you think about it since you have to walk a sposie to the trash can. 🙂

  21. Roxann R. says:

    I didn’t tell my husband that I had decided to start cloth diapering at first. I just ordered them and when they showed up he got a big surprise! I used to do most of the diaper changes, but now he actually helps which is great! I ordered a bunch of GroBaby seconds when they had their sale going on earlier this year, and since then, it is ALL my husband will use!

  22. Analee says:

    My husband took a little bit of convincing. We ended up discussing it when we began thinking about adding to our family, our son was already over a year old. He wasn’t interested in extra work and with a wiggling squirmy bum diaper changes were hard enough. We did some research and figured we could try a couple of pocket diapers and a couple of AIO rather than the prefolds that I think he was having the biggest worries about. When we did get a few diapers and found out how similar to disposables they were it was a lot easier to talk him into making a switch. The initial cost was a big issue but with getting OS diapers that we will be able to use for baby #2 and more … he was a lot more comfortable with spending the money. We’ve also come to the agreement that if we had to be sitting in a diaper all day, we’d much rather be sitting on a soft cloth than paper and poylmers!

  23. Jessica says:

    My husby is good with agreeing to whatever I have researched. The less cost & waste on the planet is just a plus along with having super cute bums!

  24. Carrie Martinet says:

    It didn’t take much convincing to get my husband on board with cloth diapers. We already had friends using BumGenius, in fact we babysat for them one night and he was on diaper duty. He didn’t blink an eye. When he took a look at the cost of disposables at the store, he began to do some mental math and realized how much an average baby costs to keep in ‘sposies all the way through potty training. That was it! He was totally ready for fluff. We are really excited for our first baby to arrive ANY DAY NOW (due date May 1st).

  25. Amber says:

    It didn’t take much convincing, once I told him how much we waste on disposable diapers he was in. I do more changing than him and he doesn’t “know” what to do with them once they are used, but he’s learning!! I’d love to win this!!

  26. Sara Jane Cornell says:

    After showing him a cost savings calculator online I went & bought the cloth diapers and stopped buying disposables. So when they were gone he had no other choice!

  27. Andrea says:

    When my hubby was teaching at a local university, he allowed me to tag along on a field trip where they took the students to a land fill. When I saw the literal mountains of trash there, it really changed me. When I became pregnant, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do sposies for that reason and equally important was to avoid putting my baby in contact with the chemicals in the sposies. I explained all of the above (in much greater detail of course!) to my hubby, and he was on board!! I’m so lucky to have him…he has even cleaned off the poop a few times!

  28. Caroline says:

    The $$$ we could save convinced him immediately. We had a 6mo daughter, just found out we were pregnant with #2 and were a little nervous about the cost of diapering two at once. My mom suggested cloth (not even knowing about all of the newer options) and I started to look into it. It made so much sense and since I’m a SAHM, I’m the one who does the majority of the diaper changes. One week of it and we were both hooked. Our parents all think its great too. Definitely one of the best decisions we’ve made!

  29. Michelle Courville says:

    We came to the decision together. We both saw the major pros in cloth diaper…better for the environment, cost effective and better for our baby. We really didn’t realize how easy cloth diapering was though until our baby was born. We love a variety of diapers, but Grobaby’s are some of our favourites!

  30. Kristen Orr says:

    My husband is an economist, so for me it was first all about money! I had to find great deals and then he calculated all the savings, etc. to see for himself that it was worth it. I also had to chose diapers that he felt would be “easy” and not too much work. For us we chose the Bum Genius and after 18mos of cloth diapering neither one of us will EVER go back. He in fact now encourages other parents to CD b/c of the bonus of being out & about and OH NO…A LEAK…except with CD we have had NO LEAKS! That probably is his favorite part of the cloth diapers! 🙂 We are getting ready to add another baby to the mix and I am excited to use them for two and not buy any disposable diapers just stock up on a few more cloth ones. 😉

  31. Nicole says:

    I researched tons of information on cloth diapering. I started with how much money it would save us and then slowly added in the environmental impact. I think deep down my husband knew that we had to give it a chance since my daughter was so allergic to disposables. He said that he would go along with my latest hobby and we would see how it worked out. As i found out new information i shared it with him. I picked out a very user friendly diaper and still to this day do all of the laundry. I now have all of my daughters caregivers who swore they would never cloth diaper, cloth diapering! Now my husband and I can not imagine how anyone uses disposables. I still don’t think dispoables should be legal but that is a different topic in itself.

  32. Jenica says:

    I didn’t have to do any convincing. He just agreed that it would be the best thing for our son’s bum and the environment. The cost savings were a bonus for us. Now that our son is on solids, it’s taking a little more effort to get him to dunk and swish 😉 Even if he does pile up the poopies for when I get home, he’s still been totally awesome at trying my eclectic, ever growing, stash of dipes. He loves to tell people we use cloth; I think it makes him proud. So cute.

  33. Ashley Gerson says:

    I convinced my husband by showing him a cost comparison– we’d get all the cloth we’d need for LESS than we had spent on disposables in our son’s first three months! Then I mentioned how it would help get rid of diaper rash. My husband said OK, and we both love our cloth diapers! Oh! And no more diaper rash.

  34. Sonja PS says:

    My husband seriously balked at the idea of cloth…but I told all of the pluses (cost savings, environmental, and healthier for baby) and pointed out that since he had only changed enough diapers in our son’s 6 months of life to be counted on one hand that it really wasn’t going to affect him much.
    He worried about the smell…so I told him to go smell the diaper genie in our son’s room.
    He gagged pretty hard…
    I promised him that if our home even remotely started smelling like that then I would stop.

    He has yet to complain 2 years later…
    And now our daughter is wearing what our son started out in so we are REALLY saving some money now!

  35. Jennifer B. says:

    Convincing my husband was a lot easier than I thought. The biggest thing for him was how much money we’d be saving in the long run and after hearing how a single diaper stash from newborn to toddler was only going to cost us a few hundred dollars and that it could be reused for future children, he was ALMOST sold. I added in the health benefits for our son and the environmental factors, but the money thing ultimately got him.
    He liked knowing that EBF poo was water soluble and wouldn’t end up on his clothes and knowing that I got some “daddy-friendly” diapers (pockets and AIOs) made it so he didn’t have to worry about learning anything new which took away a lot of his fears. It was a bit of work but ultimately the work that went into convincing him was absolutely worth it and now we wouldn’t go back!

  36. rebecca says:

    I mentioned it while pregnant, got a resounding “Ew!” But, when my son was five months old, he agreed to let me try it out and see how it went! Now he agrees that it’s not bad at all. My son just turned two, and I figure we’ve come out WAY ahead (we only have enough diapers for one day at a time, though). We just got a diaper sprayer (hoping to install tomorrow!) and I’m so excited! I think that will be great for future babies!

  37. Andrea says:

    I got my husband to cloth diaper when i told him how much money we would save doing it and the fact that i do all the CD laundry, and basicly am the only one that changes baby (was basicly the only one before cloth too lol). I have been CDing for almost 3 months now and i love it, its so easy when at home…if we are going to be gone for an extended amount of time then i do disposables for the meantime

  38. Kym says:

    I simply told him he would say money and it is easy! Money made him change his mind quickly!

  39. Christine W says:

    I tried all these things with my man and he still has a hard time with the cloth diapers! We compromised though and use cloth at home and disposables on the go. I have to admit I love how cute the cloth diapers are and I’m addicted to fluff! I’m always on the prowl for some new prints or colors!

  40. Ginger says:

    My husband didn’t understand exactly what cloth diapers were. He only remembered the old pin prefolds and had memories of going to his friends house who had a younger sibling and seeing the cloth diapers soaking in the toilet. Once he saw how easy they were to use it was easier to convince him that it was worth the value.

  41. Katie Melody says:

    I convinced my hubby to cloth diaper when my 3rd baby was born. We knew we would be having a large family and that cloth would be a good financial investment along with breastfeeding we would SAVE money and have less trash for him to take out.

    Now 3 kids later the man cant even smell a disposable diaper! He loves them, loves how easy they are and even knows how to wash them correctly!

  42. Kari says:

    I married an accountant, so I appealed to his accountant ways and showed him how much money we’d save. I showed a chart, which he proceeded to double check the math of. He’s still not 100% on board, but he’s slowly coming around!

  43. Maureen says:

    I didn’t really tell my husband that we were going to cloth diaper until I had already been using (and washing) them for more than a week with our two little girls. I wanted to make sure that **I** liked them before I introduced him to them!
    Now we have no problems – I have about 30 diapers for the 2 girls, and I have been CDing full time now for close to 6 weeks. And I LOVE the cuteness factor!! I am a cloth diaper addict…

  44. Serena says:

    I wanted to use cloth diapers from the start, but my DH was not as convinced b/c of the poo. I though gDiapers would be a good compromise, but talked to some cd’ing friends (via Facebook since they all live on the opposite side of the country – love technology!) and they convinced me that cloth would be better since you have to deal with poo no matter what. Combined with the fact that we used a diaper service for the first 9 months and DH was convinced. He also really liked the fact that cd’ed babies potty train faster and we never had to run out to buy diapers!

  45. lisa pulver says:

    Let’s see. First I presented him with the facts such as cost for disposables vs. cloth. We hadn’t cloth diapered my daughter so we definitely had an idea how many diapers we went through with her and the costs. I started slow to get the feel of it and then decided to commit full time. I did my research on what kind of CD we wanted, what got good reviews and we jumped in! I even got him to start using prefolds. Another convincing argument was that my son was so much more aware of his potty-ing and he even potty trained early. Bonus!

  46. Lindsay says:

    I explained to my husband about all of the toxic chemicals found in conventional disposables and he was right on board.

  47. Susan says:

    I haven’t started using cloth yet but I’m about to!! I have a few diapers (few goodmamas, few FB’s) and I’d LOVE to add to my collection and get started!!

  48. Bobbi says:

    I started researching a bit about them and brought up the idea to my husband. At first he just looked at me like I was crazy, but then I purchased a few used Fuzzi Bunz and he loved them! He even helps me stuff them. In the beginning I was the only one washing them, but now he makes sure he helps with that too and he even recommends them to his coworkers.
    The only CDs he isn’t very fond of are the prefolds. He says her little baby tush looks too big!
    Right now are stash mainly consists of FBs and a few BGs.
    I just ordered some new GroBaby’s and I would love to convert to those exclusively. 🙂

    Since we have started CDing my husband is all about being “green” and finding more ways to waste less.

    He also likes to brag about bed sharing, breastfeeding, baby wearing and our DDs teething necklace. LOL! I just let him think it was all his idea 😉

  49. Valorie says:

    Well. I am a single mama but i had to convince Grandma the baby sitter. She always supports me so I just told her about all the benefits. We ordered a sample pack and fell in love 🙂

  50. Jen says:

    it took little convincing, money saving was a big aspect and he doesn’t like the idea of diapers hanging out in the dump for 50,000 years!

  51. Jody Goudy says:

    I was able to convince my husband, by telling him how much we’d save, and that he wouldn’t have to wash them. But now he’s so on board, he washes them before I get to them.

  52. Ginnie says:

    It didn’t really take much convincing for us, either – the money savings and the health benefits are the biggest reasons.

    (One note on the money savings (forgive me if someone’s already mentioned this, I didn’t have time to read all the comments! :)) you also have to factor in water and electricity costs from laundering your cloth diapers which can actually make more of a difference than you think! BUT it’s still a great savings, especially if 1) you use your diapers for more than one child, 2) you line dry as much as possible, 3) you would have used the more expensive, name-brand disposables (even from a club store!) and 4) your child may very well potty train sooner if there is heightened awareness of when they are wet.)

    Oh another of my favorite reasons to cloth diaper is the lack of blowouts in the exclusively breastfed stage!!! That alone is probably worth it for me! 🙂

  53. Melanie says:

    I convinced my husband by buying a few and telling him I was tired up waking up wet while we were co-sleeping with my son. After a few nights of not having to wake my son up to change him so much my husband was happy with the extra sleep he was getting.

    So then I jumped in full time.

  54. shannon says:

    I didn’t really give Chris a choice.. I’m the one that diapers Willow all the time, so what we use was up to me.. When I realized the money that we could save along with the fact that I was NOT contributing to the million of diapers put into landfills, I couldn’t say no .. PLUS, Willow has the nicest looking butt at our play dates because her diapers are cute and pretty. Since starting with Cloth diapers at a month old I have also switched to cloth wipes as well!!
    I have 2 friends that are currently pregnant and both have already stocked up on CD because of talking with us.

  55. Andrea D. says:

    How I convinced my husband…. Me: Sweetheart, we are going to cloth diaper our baby, okay? Him: Okay.

  56. Emilie Horne says:

    My husband REFUSED to let me purchase cloth diapers because he just “knew” I wouldn’t be able to handle it. By this, he mainly meant the smell & gross factor since with our firstborn I would gag with every diaper change. But I really wanted to do it, and when I put my mind to something, I can overcome even the strongest gag reflex. A friend of mine had a surplus of cloth diapers, from CDing her 4 kids, and offered to let me borrow her stuff for a few weeks to see if it was for me. Since it was free, my husband wished me luck.

    Within 24 hours we were both sold. It’s so much softer on her bum, better for the environment & really not as much work as either one of us anticipated. We gave it a full three week trial before purchasing CDs of our own, but now that we have we would never have it any other way!

    He loves how much money we’ll save (we bought the one size diapers, so we’re done buying diapers for this baby and the next one or two whenever we decide the time is right to grow our family), and I love that we’re saving the environment as we save money! 🙂 We’re definitely taking slack from our friends, acquaintances and some family members, but we stand up for our decision again and again. … And hopefully we’ll be the parents that encourage another family to make the switch 🙂

  57. Jessica Deratany says:

    I really didn’t give him to much of a choice. I told him it is a way to save money and will be better for our baby. He thought I was crazy at first but I bought real easy to use diapers and showed him how to use them. The other day he told me how proud he was of me for being so informed and how he is now proud of using cloth diapers. We are three months in and loving it. 🙂

  58. Melissa says:

    I convinced my husband when our 6 month old son kept getting diaper rashes. I told him this would be good for our son, the environment, and our wallets.

  59. Cat Mayhew says:

    When I first decided to CD, it was more out of neccessity! I was BROKE and my son became allergic to ALL sposies! Now, huggies came out with the P&N line and he does OK with those in a pinch 🙂 However, I had to convince all his caregivers (he’s a special needs kiddo) that this was THE BEST THING for us! I held a mini class with everyone on how they worked (we chose g’s to start with, long before Flip and GroBaby came out!) and promised that when they recieved the diapers they would be ready to throw on him just like a ‘sposie! They were hooked! I find it hilarious that now the LPNs and other nurses that work with him come back asking who has the best deals on CDs and how they get started!!! Its an addiction, and it’s infectious! Now, I’m hoping to host a CD session with several other moms to teach them about CDing!

  60. Jenn says:

    I’ve been cloth diapering for five days and I LOVE it! I am still working on my husband but since I do all the laundry and 99% of the changes he’s letting me try it. I’ve told him about the money we’ll save, especially now that I’m a SAHM. I’ve also told him about how this will help my daughter’s constant diaper rash. He’s still reluctant to let me spend more money, but I’ll wash diapers every day if that’s what it takes!

  61. Lisa says:

    I just told my husband how much money we were going to save and that I would do all the washing and caring for the diapers and he was convinced!

  62. Maria Baldwin says:

    I convinced him to cloth diaper by telling him about how much money we would save, telling him how good it is for the environment, and showing him how easy it could be to cloth diaper!

  63. Heidi says:

    The main selling point to my hubby was the cost effectiveness of cloth diapering. When I told him the investment would be good for more than one baby, he was totally hooked.

    We also love the fact that we don’t have to make any late night diaper runs. I’m also breastfeeding, so we are a pretty self sufficient little family!

  64. Courtney says:

    It started out as a way to save money, at least that is what I told him. And my husband is always happy to do anything that will save money! After getting into boutique fitters and knitted wool, I don’t really think we have saved any money but I love that my son’s booty is free from harsh chemicals and that we are doing our part to help the environment. 🙂

  65. Nicole Blackburn says:

    When I was Pregnant with #4 I looked in to using cloth, and loved all the benefits, saving money, better for baby and the environment. My husband was easy to convince once I told him how much money we would save. Then he became even more convinced once he go to see the diapers and feel how soft and nice they would be on babies bottom. As for the messy side of cloth diapering, I do all the laundry in the house anyway so no problem there. Plus there is no more smelly trash (from poo anyway) to take out for my hubby all the poo goes where it should , in the toilet. we love our cloth and are now cloth diapering #5!

  66. Valerie says:

    He actually was the first to bring up the idea! His mother CD’d all three of her children using flats and pins.
    Once I finally researched the different options he has somehow convinced himself that we couldn’t do it, both because we couldn’t afford it (ha!) and because it was too much work.
    Once he saw how much we would be saving (until I started buying!!) and he saw the logistics, it was a match made in heaven.

  67. Tracy says:

    I got out my sewing machine and made a diaper with his favorite college team logo on it. He was amused enough to give it a try and now after our third child he can’t believe anyone would wate so much money on something they throw away

  68. Sally says:

    Well I have convinced him I think..! Money is tight right now so I am building a stash slowly but when I explained the possible savings and the money back (selling when done with them) he seemed ok with it. I told him you dont get any money back from disposables your just throwing it away along with the diapers. Plus he really cares about our son and wants what is best for him too and I told him this is best for him! Also I am the main laundry person so it’s no extra work for him either.

  69. Sarah says:

    I didn’t have a lot of convincing to do when it came to my husband. I did my research before even mentioning it, found some one size pocket diapers, and even bought one at a local mommy & baby store to show him, then I showed him how much money we would save.

    The hard part was convincing my MIL that we weren’t crazy!

  70. Sasha says:

    I got pretty lucky and just had to mention how much money we could save an he was on board. He has taken to the AIO’s better than the prefolds but promises he’ll Lerner how to use everything.

  71. christina berkhoudt says:

    I used the “we’ll save lots of money” approach. He knew I’d be washing them, so it was quite simple 🙂

  72. Carrie says:

    I have used cloth diapers on all of our children. I don’t really remember having to talk my hubby into, I just did it and he didn’t really even know since he’s only changed like 3 diapers in his whole life, haha! I love all the benefits of cloth, and wish I could have more children just so I could cloth diaper them! I am excited about all the new stuff coming out, and am looking forward to trying out the GroBaby with our newbie due in June. 🙂

  73. Sarah says:

    Luckily I really did not have to do much convincing. I explained how much money we would save and he was hooked 🙂 I am a sahm so he did not have to worry about learning about most of this. I just smile though when I see him trying to decide which diaper to put on her 🙂

  74. Lisa R. says:

    I explained how much money we would potentially save, how easy they actually were, and that *I* would deal w/ the washing!
    He’s never complained.
    AND by going through my same “speech,” I was able to convince BOTH of my brothers-in-law to agree to CD my nieces, too!!

  75. Cherie Mohr says:

    I was convinced from the beginning to go with cloth, I love that they save money are earth friendly and those cute bright colored baby bums. My husband was on board once i showed him how much money we could save.

  76. It isn’t hard to convince my husband of things. We had been using gDiapers on our third (we used disposables on our first two and HATED stinky, saggy diapers, and don’t even get me started on the fights over whose turn it was to empty the dreaded diaper genie!!!) and I noticed that I was washing the outer covers a lot. It was a logical progression to cloth diapers from there. I ordered a trial pack, and once he saw that they were just as easy to use as disposables, he was convinced. It was easy to keep him on board as he realized he was no longer getting the “pick up diapers on your way home” calls that he did with our other two!

  77. Nissa says:

    I used some of the same arguments–showing him on paper how much money we would save and ensuring him that it could be much easier than the flats, pins and vinyl covers with exposed elastic our parents used! The argument that had the most impact on him though was me saving only 3 days’ worth of dirty disposable diapers from our 8 month-old son in a plastic shopping bag. After those 3 days, the bag was BULGING. I showed it to my husband, who was horrified, and told him, “now imagine that we will throw that many diapers into the landfill every three days for at least the next three years!” It took no more convincing after that!

  78. Jennifer K says:

    Since I’m a SAHM I pretty much just told my husband we were going to cloth diaper. I do all the laundry and 99% of the diaper changes so he didn’t mind. He especially didnt mind when he realized we’d save money. Grobabies are his favorite diaper because they are so much like sposies.

  79. Linda Jenkins says:

    Thank god i didnt have to convince my husband. But my mother and mother in law were not really happy about it… but who cares right?!

  80. Sarah says:

    When I was pregnant with my 3rd I began looking into cloth diapers. I wasn’t 100% sure, but I wanted to try. My husband gave me a big, fat, NO! All they typical reasons: gross, dirty, leaks, ugly, blah, blah, blah. I dropped it…for awhile. When that baby was 4 months old I still really wanted to do it. I approached my husband again and he said he wasn’t sure and that it was up to me. I went ahead and ordered 2 BG 3.0’s just to “try them out”. We both loved them immediately.

    Now, it is two years and another baby later and I can proudly say that “WE” would never go back and haven’t purchased a pack of disposable diapers since. We are actually the proud owners of dozens of types of diapers. With our 4th baby we are using the GroBaby system, and we love it. My husband is great and changes and washes diapers. They are definitely the way to go!

  81. Julia says:

    We had been really tight on money and my step-mom gave me a sewing machine so I went and got $30 of flannel and my dad bought me a pack of microfiber towels. I got a pattern and made 6 pocket diapers to put the microfiber towels in and ordered a snappi. I have mow been using cloth for almost 6 months and we love it! Though I did end up getting 3 diapers that are dad friendly as he has a lot of trouble with the snappi.

    We have saved over $200 by using cloth and if we have another we will start using cloth from the start!

  82. Teri H. says:

    I wanted to Cloth Diaper before my daughter was even born, and my husband was completely against it telling me he would give me a month and if it wasn’t everything I was promising it to be, he would FORCE me to go back to disposables… WELL as it turns out, after my daughter was born, and we were still in the hospital, she broke out in the most AWFUL disposable diaper rash, bleeding peeling, just awful awful rash… I told my husband he had to go home and get our cloth, and we were starting THEN… from that point on my husband has been 100% on board, AND he changes diapers all the time, he will do everything including prefolds, and insists on learning all about them… he will even do a load of laundry every now and again if I’m sick or something else is going on that prevents me from doing it! he is 100% on board for our daughters health!!!

  83. Jen B says:

    At first he thought it was going to be too much work, but when I explained to him how all in ones work and that it was pretty much the same (at least for him, since he doesn’t do the washing) he was into it. Now he raves about it to his friends, lol! Both of us at first were thinking about cloth diapers as the old flats our younger siblings had in the 70’s and 80’s.

  84. rachael says:

    It was pretty easy to convince my hubby, I do the laundry anyway (and change most of the diapers) plus I’m super crunchy so I think he got that the idea of all those disposables in the landfill KILLS me. But if I had to point to any one single thing, it would be the $$$ savings. THere is no arguing with the money savings. Especially when I throw in diaperswappers and being able to make money back on the diapers I don’t like, it’s a win-win! I’ve purchased my entire stash (which can last 3-4 days) for about $250. Pretty awesome!
    THanks for a great article!

  85. Bella says:

    Since he does all the diaper duty for the most part, he needed a bit of convincing, but I told him its much cheaper and better for the baby – no crazy chemicals touching baby’s skin. Plus all the benefit to the environment – so much waste with disposables! He’s pretty easy going so he’s been onboard for a while – but today will be the first day we’ll be trying CD since we just got them in the mail yesterday. Still prewashing them — couple GroBaby’s too 🙂 We have hard water so hoping it won’t mess them up. This blog seems so useful 🙂 glad I found it. I also breastfeed so I’m really trying to go the natural route here. And DH wears our baby all the time – he loves his sling, don’t know how the last 6mos we would have survived without it. That and the Boppy of course. Looking forward to more entries from you – all yours posts really align with how I’d like to raise my boy 🙂

  86. Crystal says:

    I told my husband I wanted to try it and because I do 90% of all our laundry, he’d never have to worry about the washing of them. And that I’d take care of dunking the poopy ones. Oh and after we had our stash build up, we could take the money we are saving from not buying disposables and use it to build up our Vegas stash. He was all for it and still is, 2 years and another child later. 🙂

  87. Audra T says:

    well my hubby was not to hip on the idea until my son decided he was going to waist three disposable as day just because he was trying to pt. we were wearing out the aplix on diaposables taking them on an off all the time to use the potty. My hubby was a little upset when we went through $10 worth of diapers in 3 or 4 days and gave the go a head for cloth.. Hubby loved the idea of the GroBaby line and was the one who said that was the one we needed.. I totally agree. I love my Grobaby diapers. Now we will never go back to disposables and hubby is glad we don’t have to spend almost 100 bucks a month on diapers and wipes anymore.. CLoth is the best..

  88. Beth says:

    I am the main diaperer in our home, so I just explained that this is what we were going to do and went ahead and bought some cloth diapers. I make sure we always have some of the velcro ones available as those are easier for him to use, and he hasn’t complained yet!

  89. Lynsey says:

    I just bought them and said WE ARE CLOTH DIAPERING. He was on board as long as he didn’t have to deal with the poop. I didn’t expect him to anyway. We have two in diapers so he is happy to save some $$$ too.

  90. Amie maberry says:

    I convinced him because well I just started using them. I told him he didn’t hve to change or clean the diapers. Eventually we realized it was a necessity for our son and it carried over to our next son who wa cloth diapered from birth. I’m getting ready to start back up now that I have baby number 4.

  91. I’ve convinced my husband since we’ve already paid for our entire stash and she’s only 7 months old!!! Well unless I feel the need to buy another cute diaper which has happened a few times! I’m also the one who’s home with her all day and I do the wash so it was a pretty easy decision for us and I just wish I would have known about cloth diapers when I had my first. At least when we have another little one we’ll be prepared with cloth diapers. I just can’t believe all the money we’re saving and we never run out of diapers and have to make a mad dash to the store in the middle of the night…which is GREAT!!! He also loved the thought of NEVER buying another diaper again and that we’re not creating all that waste with disposables!

  92. Sarah says:

    It didn’t take much to convince my husband. I showed him how expensive disposables are and he was sold!

  93. Carrie says:

    All the convincing that was needed was that he wasn’t going to have to wash diapers!! Which I have no problem with because the man would ruin a towel in the wash lol.

    We both were finally turned on to cloth diapers because of their thriftyness, cuteness and somehow when you cd you meet so many other wonderful mothers who cd too. Its like we have our own special club.

  94. caroline hoffman says:

    my hubby mentioned it to me, and i pictured the old fashioned prefolds and thought he was crazy, and he was thinking prefolds with diaper service. one day i decided to look up cloth diaper service and it opened a whole new world, i didnt realie it wasnt prefolds anymore! i really didnt do any convincing, i bought some bg aios and showed my hubby. he said as long as it saves money i dont care. we both enjoy it, even though im always on his case about putting the dipes on wrong hehe

  95. Dana says:

    I put together a spreadsheet showing him how much cheaper it would be! He’s a cheapskate so that was all it took to convince him!

  96. Kara Beth says:

    I started investigating cloth diapers for financial and health reasons, but really convinced him with the money savings. Especially since we’re planning on having more children and we can use the same diapers for their bottoms. He was still a little hesitant at first, but he came around very quickly and is actually pretty good at putting on prefolds! I’m so proud lol :o)

  97. Kathryn says:

    I convinced my hubby to go with cloth by not giving him a choice! He is a proud cloth diapering daddy now. He was even bragging to his grandmother and aunt a few days ago. I also used the money savings as a reason to go with cloth diapers and that convinced him. But he also didn’t know how addicted I would get and how much I would end up spending! We love cloth diapering though and it was a great choice no matter how we came to the decision.

  98. April Ryley says:

    My husband actually convinced me. I never thought he would go for the idea, but we used cloth wipes(that I made, to save money) and one day, out of the blue, he asked why we didn’t cloth diaper as well. I jumped on the opportunity. I didn’t know much about it, but learned quickly, and my stash began, and is still growing to this day.

  99. Carrie Cunningham says:

    Hmmm… I guess after some many rashes from disposables with our second child (dd1), and the fact that we were spending soo much many on them, he thought it would be a good idea to try them. He’s been hooked ever since! I had even thought about selling my stash when child #3 was on the way and just doing disposables and he’d hear nothing of the sort! He loves seeing our babies in natural, safe materials!

  100. Amanda says:

    I convinced my husband by just doing it! He wasn’t on board while I was building up my stash because of the cost of the diapers I was buying, but now he sees how much simpler it is to just throw a load into the wash instead of going out and buying disposables. Let me say, though, I really had to stand my ground for the first month! I told him that unless he was going to take over full time care of the baby, what I say goes!

  101. Kayley says:

    I convinced my husband by the money saving factor and told him he would NEVER have to change the kids bottoms again. Clearly that was just me trying to get my way he now were cloth diapering our second child and he changes diapers often and actually likes cloth diapering ALMOST as much as I do lol.

  102. amanda brooks says:

    my hubby didnt really require a whole lot of persuasion. we figured out if i spent $100 buying some that as long as I stuck with it for three months that we would break even. anything over three months of use would be profit. that was almost a year ago and we havent looked back. i love using cloth and doing an extra couple loads of laundry during the week isnt a big deal at all! we now have baby #3 on the way and i cant wait to put him/her in cloth from the time it arrives!

  103. Amanda Daley says:

    I just told him I was interested in doing cloth diapers. He usually trusts me with anything related to our children. He ordered me my first cloth diaper package and we both fell in love. So cute, easy and cheap. He even talks to other moms about it.

  104. Rebekah McAdams says:

    My Dh was soooo not convinced. He could have cared less about cost savings – all he could see was the hassle of getting poop off! LOL! I ordered some to “try” and at first he wouldn’t touch them. Once I was out of the house and he was forced to use them himself. He was actually impressed with how easy they were and told me so. He’ll never admit this to ANYONE but at one point he actually said, “Hey – those are actually kinda cute.” LOL! I think he’s an addict in the making! 😉 We’re about to have our second child and he’s actually excited about all the money we are going to save with cloth diapering!

  105. Amy says:

    I’d been thinking about it for months but was completely sure that he wouldn’t be into it. But with the cost of disposables (and we couldn’t get a bargain brand with our son’s sensitive skin), we finally got around to talking about it and decided to do it! The biggest selling points…I change all the diapers, anyway, and I do all the baby’s wash, anyway! He only rarely has to change a diaper, and he agrees with how much cuter they are, how much better for his skin they are, and how much better for our pocketbook they are! We use mostly prefolds and covers!

  106. Megan Dillin says:

    After seeing how much waste diapering our first child in disposables produced, he was all for finding a better solution. When I got pregnant with our new little one, we sat down and crunched the numbers and discovered just how much we could save. He and I both love being thrifty and green!

  107. Lisa Watkins says:

    I almost had my husband convinced from the money angle alone. But, as you mentioned, his main roadblock was- I don’t want to have to wash out the poop. LOL So, after several more minutes of explanation (and agreeing to handle the laundry), he agreed. Though I have a suspicion that he only agreed because he knows how persistent I can be when it comes to issues relating to the kids and decided to save himself the trouble of resisting…hehe. 🙂

  108. Debbie A says:

    Obviously money was a huge factor as to why we decided cloth diapering would be best for us. We also looked at the long term effect on the plant as well, and also all the non renewable resources wasted on a regular basis to make disposable diapers.

    He loves how much nice our diaper pail smells compared to a disposable diaper pail.

    I’m glad he is so supportive and great with cloth diapering! He also loves GroBaby the best! Anything that comes off & on with a simple step is his best friend!!

  109. Krystal B says:

    My husband was the one who first brought up cloth diapering. At the time I thought it was gross. Then I heard about it again on my mommy boards and decided to give cloth diapering a try. I was hooked right away and my husband was immediately on board with it. I didn’t even have to tell him how they worked. Even today he tells his friends and people he meets how great cloth diapering is.

  110. Denise J says:

    I just bought a few (okay, a couple dozen) cloth diapers, then after he used them he decided they were awesome!! He even started t brag about them to friends immediately.

  111. CC says:

    My husband was a bit leery, but he thinks I’m “granola” so he wasn’t surprised. He was on board after I told him about the money we’d save. Plus I wash the diapers, so he doesn’t even have to deal with that. Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. I just told him about the money we’d save.

  113. Holly says:

    The money saving… And the fact I said I’d do all the laundry! 🙂

  114. ksqzctyy says:

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  115. Sara K. says:

    Well. My DH is a spreadsheet King. You should have seen the one he put together for our wedding! DH is a little bit cruncy, like me, so it didn’t take a lot of convincing. But, I put together a spreadsheet listing and calculating all the CD’s I wanted to get that would take us through PLing, including all the accessories we were going to need. Then I also calculated cost of disposables and wipes and diaper genies, etc. That spreadsheet is what really won his heart on CDing. Now he won’t stop talking about how great it is, even to complete strangers. He even does the CD laundry.

  116. Erin says:

    I have not convinced my husband yet! I am still working on him. He is very cheap so I tried the money angle and even that didn’t do it so I think I am going to have to go the I’ll do all the laundry and change all the diapers route. We have twins so if I’m willing to do that I must really want to use cloth!

  117. Alicia says:

    My husband was skeptical at first too! I convinced him by (of course…) the $ issue. What man can resist saving money!! And since he hardly changes any diapers he wasn’t going to be one doing most of the work anyway. I’ve converted him! He think cloth diapers are great now. Woohoo!

  118. Amy says:

    My husband was quick to jump on board when I told him about the chemicals in disposables and showed him the neat cloth diapers.

  119. Evelyn Masters says:

    We have several members of our family who also cloth diaper as well as some friends however my DH wasn’t so sure that he wanted to do it. However he is up for anything that saves money. So I just had to show him how having these diapers would save us some money. I get strange looks from other friends that don’t cloth diaper however I just explain that this is a way that I can be able to afford to stay home with our kids if we aren’t spending money on diapers and formula. (I also EBF)

  120. Mallery says:

    Money, all the way. I set up a spreadsheet comparing costs of disposables vs. various styles and brands cloth at different retailers. Then I pointed out that, since we live in a semi-rural area, we’d have to drive half an hour out of our way one way to buy disposables, then forty-five minutes in another direction to take them to the landfill (which charges a minimum of $12 before also charging you for weight)…. Gas adds up fast out here!

    I did have to promise to do all the diaper laundry, which is fine, but I’ve convinced him to hit the start button to run through the hot cycle a few times when I was busy and they were already loaded and ready to go. He’s happy as long as he doesn’t have to touch or smell poop any more than necessary.

  121. Raya McMann says:

    Of course, like most of the women here I convinced my hubby by explaining the cost effectiveness. It also helped that I promised I was the one who would be doing the laundry (like that really would be anything different around here). Also, I am buying AIO to make it more user friendly for him – and he likes that. It will take longer to get the cost effectiveness out, but he doesn’t have to make sure everything is folded right, and they are so darn cute – even he agrees!

  122. Garretot says:

    No estб seguro de que esto es verdad:), pero gracias a un cargo.
    Have a nice day


  123. Anne Oleszkowicz says:

    I brought up cloth diapering to my husband when Molly was 6 mths old. I didn’t like the new Pampers & felt I was throwing money in the trash & those diapers look so cute. I started with the money and how it would save us money since i had lost my job & he had to take a pay cut. SO he thought that was great but what about the upfront cost? So I told him I would buy used diapers to start out & try didn’t types & see if I could handle the washing. Well I bought prefolds/covers & Happy Heiney’s to start out with and love it! He was happy that we would save money and I enjoyed do the laundry, thanks to Rockin Green! I am so glad I listened to my husband because I found out I don’t like prefolds & love my pocket diapers, so me convincing him to go cloth helped me find the right product. Win, win situation!

  124. Joseph says:

    It was definitely the money saving that did him in!

  125. Jeff says:

    Once he found out we would be saving money, he was sold. I also registered for cloth diapers for my shower so we got almost all the diapers we needed without putting up any loot. Now when he sees the prices of disposable diapers at the store he says “I’m so glad we don’t have to buy THOSE things all the time!”

  126. Kathy says:

    My husband didn’t need convincing. He was as much for it as I was!

  127. Lavanna says:

    i told him how much money we would save…i showed him looooots of pictures and read him stories on how easy people said it was. he was totally convinced when i found the diaper sprayer…but, we still haven’t used it after 4 months! haha. we love using cloth and telling people about them.

  128. Tamara Glenn says:

    It was definitely the money saving that did him in!

  129. Naomi says:

    Once he found out we would be saving money, he was sold. I also registered for cloth diapers for my shower so we got almost all the diapers we needed without putting up any loot. Now when he sees the prices of disposable diapers at the store he says “I’m so glad we don’t have to buy THOSE things all the time!”

  130. Hello may I use some of the information from this entry if I reference you with a linkback?

  131. Allison says:

    I sold him with how much money we would save (including that I bought one-size diapers that we could use for our other kids), and I promised him that I would dump the poop in the toilet since that grossed him out so much!

  132. […] How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper. « Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiaper.Naturally! […]

  133. […] How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper. « Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiaper.Naturally! […]

  134. Nick says:

    The two driving factors for me was less money and less trash in the landfill. I did lots of research and laid out my case to my husband. After listening to me talk about my desire to cloth diaper for months during my pregnancy, he agreed that I had valid reasons for my choice. He even said the other day that he really didn’t have a choice, because I was so determined to do this. I did want to get him on board, b/c I wanted him to not mind changing diapers. He says it takes no more effort than changing disposables. I am the one doing the laundry and most of the poop clean up, but he doesn’t even mind spraying the poop diapers out if he is on baby duty when we get the poop prize.

    I think he was skeptical about the costs savings at first, but once we started buying some disposables, he saw how it would add up, plus the weekly trips to the store just for diapers! He says he was on board when he figured we wouldn’t spend MORE on cloth than disposables, so why not do it- b/c there are other benefits!

  135. […] How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper. « Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiaper.Naturally! […]

  136. Dave says:

    My husband is for anything that is cheap!! Since we decided to start with prefolds, that was the biggest advantage for him!

  137. Jessica says:

    I did not realize I had convinced my husband until just the other day! I had been sharing the info I was getting as I researched the different systems, and the other day I had a mini freak out when I realized we have already spent about $400 on diapers. And he looked at me and said, “but you can’t think of it that way! It may be a lot up front, but in the long run it will be worth it!”. And our first fluffy mail is arriving and when I was showing him the flip cover and insert he said “can we get more of these?” meaning the inserts. We want to make sure we have enough! I think he liked that they looked pretty easy, no folding or anything required.
    I love my husband. : )

  138. Jodi says:

    My husband was a bit skeptical at first, but it didn’t take much convincing. We do what we can to prevent waste and this seemed like a great way to do that. He takes care of most of the finances (in addition to making most of the money) so the phrase, “It will save us money” was a big selling point for him! Now he is firmly on board with cloth diapering!

  139. Jen Scaggs says:

    My husband is for anything that is cheap!! Since we decided to start with prefolds, that was the biggest advantage for him!

  140. Patrick says:

    Actually the very first time our son was in a cloth diaper my hubby put it on him! I won 2 cloth diapers over the summer on a blog. One was a pocket and I had NO CLUE of what to do with it. The first time we used it I told hubby to put the microfiber insert on top not inside(can you believe it?). My only education about cloth was online and I don’t think I would have even used at all had I not won those 2 diapers and tried them out and had that ah-ha moment. Anyhow, one day hubby said have you ever tried to use the cloth diaper we got? He went and put it on him and our first experience was it leaked. It took me a long time to figure out what I was doing but soon I was a full blown cloth diaper. We started when our little guy was close to 2 months old and I now use cloth wipes, too and Mama pads(something I thought was super gross and I’d never try!-but now I LOVE them, no more yanking out hairs with the sticky tape of the disposable, and no more itching from the paper material.) I crack up when I think to myself-you’ve come a long way baby! My MIL calls me a tree hugger-and I am now proud of that!

  141. Amy B. says:

    My husband was super skeptical at first but pretty much lets me do what I want. I’m the main diaper changer since I stay home and I told him that he could use the occasional sposie when he had her. Well I started using the cloth and he saw how easy it was and he was hooked! It did take him several months before he stopped putting the ocassional sposie on her but now he almost never does. He even sprays poopies and does the laundry! He is also super happy that he doesn’t have to take the poopy-diaper filled trash out everyday.

  142. Rachel Wilson says:

    The two driving factors for me was less money and less trash in the landfill. I did lots of research and laid out my case to my husband. After listening to me talk about my desire to cloth diaper for months during my pregnancy, he agreed that I had valid reasons for my choice. He even said the other day that he really didn’t have a choice, because I was so determined to do this. I did want to get him on board, b/c I wanted him to not mind changing diapers. He says it takes no more effort than changing disposables. I am the one doing the laundry and most of the poop clean up, but he doesn’t even mind spraying the poop diapers out if he is on baby duty when we get the poop prize.

    I think he was skeptical about the costs savings at first, but once we started buying some disposables, he saw how it would add up, plus the weekly trips to the store just for diapers! He says he was on board when he figured we wouldn’t spend MORE on cloth than disposables, so why not do it- b/c there are other benefits!

  143. Julia says:

    As soon as I did cost comparison he was hooked!

  144. Rebecca says:

    My husband and I were united on using cloth diapers. He is a full time student and I am staying at home with our son, so we knew we needed the cheapest, “greenest” options for everything we could find. We added the diapers to our online registry and got all of them during our showers…of course I have added a few to the collection with all of MMB’s great offers! It was really the only option we could see.

  145. Mandy Claridge says:

    it was pretty easy to convince my hubby that we should cloth diaper. He had no experience with children at all before we had our daughter, so he had never had to change a diaper before. Really he had no idea what even a disposable was like. I just made the decison thats what we were going to do and he went with it 100% of the way. Now 15 mos later he is the one rinsing the poopy diapers (I even asked if he wanted to invest in a diaper sprayer and he said no!), occassionally washing the diapers, and helping with the changing of diapers. Only thing he hasnt figured it out yet is the folding and stuffing pockets!! lol

  146. Tutsy Asmus says:

    It didn’t take much convincing because he has a coworker who for years had been talking positively about cloth diapering. Now, there’s no way he’s going to touch a poopy diaper, but I just take care of all those and it’s not so bad.

  147. Karen says:

    Actually the very first time our son was in a cloth diaper my hubby put it on him! I won 2 cloth diapers over the summer on a blog. One was a pocket and I had NO CLUE of what to do with it. The first time we used it I told hubby to put the microfiber insert on top not inside(can you believe it?). My only education about cloth was online and I don’t think I would have even used at all had I not won those 2 diapers and tried them out and had that ah-ha moment. Anyhow, one day hubby said have you ever tried to use the cloth diaper we got? He went and put it on him and our first experience was it leaked. It took me a long time to figure out what I was doing but soon I was a full blown cloth diaper. We started when our little guy was close to 2 months old and I now use cloth wipes, too and Mama pads(something I thought was super gross and I’d never try!-but now I LOVE them, no more yanking out hairs with the sticky tape of the disposable, and no more itching from the paper material.) I crack up when I think to myself-you’ve come a long way baby! My MIL calls me a tree hugger-and I am now proud of that!

  148. Heather says:

    I didn’t start CD until my 3rd was 4 months old. A very generous friend heard I was interested and gave me her outgrown stash of FuzziBunz. I was shocked at how easy they were! I have since purchased some Flip for use during naps/heavier wetting times. I tell everyone I know how easy it is & how much I love CD! So far I’ve convinced 2 more moms. 🙂

  149. Kelly says:

    I didn’t start CDing til my second baby was 9 months old. I stay at home w/ my kids and I just ordered some (the Flip day pack) and started using them w/o much consultation w/ my hubby. I let him use the disposibles when he changed her for about a month. About 2 months later, I’ve built up my stash- including some BG one size pockets which are super daddy friendly. Then I started asking him if he coud just use those and slowly but surely he goe more comfy with them. (although I don’t think he’s actually done a poopy diaper yet, we’ll get there eventually!) He doesn’t really understand my obesssion with it, but he’s totally on board now!

  150. Amy says:

    My husband is so easy going, it really didn’t take a lot of convincing! I brought home 2 cloth diapers one day, and told him I thought it would be fun to try it out. He felt how soft the diapers were, and he agreed our daughter would be much more comfy in them! I also mentioned how much waste we would be eliminating by switching to cloth, and that was all the convincing he needed! He is quite happy to scrape the poop off of the diapers, as long as I do the laundry!

  151. Nurse says:

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  152. […] How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper. « Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiaper.Naturally! […]

  153. Rachel says:

    My husband can be convinced of anything that saves money, lol… now if I can convince him to change the diapers or do the diaper laundry, lol

  154. Laura says:

    My husband tried to convince me with the money savings, but he was only interested in doing it the way his mother had – prefolds, pins and plastic pants! Ultimately, it was our daughter’s super-sensitive skin that got me to try cloth, but we went with pockets and AI2s instead 🙂 He only needed convincing that the “fancy” diapers were worth spending a little extra money.

  155. Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

  156. Sarah Gainey says:

    To be honest, it didn’t take a lot of convincing! One of our values as a couple is “frugal and green” so once I explained CDing a little bit and he saw it filled both those requirements he was totally on board. Although he’s not quite as excited about our son’s fluffy little butt as I am, he has already learned how to use a snappi, fold a prefold, and adjust a one-size diaper. I love this man!!!

  157. Laurel Selman says:

    Our pediatrician convinced us both when he told us that the open blisters we’d been fighting for months was a reaction to the chemicals in Sposies. So we started our Journey of using cloth only at home. At first dh was more on board than I was. Then when I decided it was time to go full time in daycare too, I had to do a lot of convincing. In the end it was the cost savings, and the fact that there was less trash going to the landfill that convinced him. We were able to keep the sores away by just using cloth at home, but ultimately are glad we made the switch at daycare too.

  158. Laure says:

    By the time our daughter was 20 months she was in underwear full time during the day. She wore the rest of our disposable diapers to bed at night and was dry 3/4 of the time. Having a newborn (our 3rd child) I was not ready to change wet sheets. We decided to get a few onesize cloth diapers to try for her and we could use them for the baby too. We used the few that we bought for her mostly and sometimes for the baby. Now that she is out of them we have bought more and use them only for the baby.

  159. Corinne W. says:

    My husband is going to need convincing, but since our next will be our last, I am going with a no regrets approach and cd’ing anyway. I can’t wait to show him how easy it is. Heck, I am the one changing the dipes and washing the laundry…

  160. Heather says:

    I got lucky and didn’t have to convince my hubby at all! He knows I am all for being green, but he was cloth diapered when he was a baby so he asked me what I thought about cloth diapering our little one. Little did he know I was already doing to research into how cloth diapers have changed in the last 30 years and what kind I wanted to use. It’s so funny when friends think I’m crazy for wanting to cloth diaper. But you really should see their faces when I tell them that it was hubby’s idea, too!!

  161. Chrystal says:

    Hmm, well I didn’t have to CONVINCE my husband to give it a try or even to do his fair share of changing the baby! I had to convince him that he loved it as much as I did 🙂 I simply told him that I had been doing research while he was deployed and that I had found that cloth was better for our son and would save us a lot of money and asked that we give it a shot. We bought 2 each of several kinds of diapers to try and then weighed their pros and cons for our family before investing in a whole system. I think that the research I presented him with paired with the “baby steps” into cloth diapering (and the great resale value) won him over in the end 🙂 Now he tells all of his friends with new babies or pregnant wives how awesome cloth is, not to mention he’s a pro at diaper laundry! 🙂

  162. Melissa Kittle says:

    My husband deployed 2 weeks after my son was born so it was a decision I made by myself but that he didnt mind once he came home 15 months later. We are planning on cding our next baby, due in August, from birth and hes on board for this one. I just bought him AIO’s and fitteds to use while I plan on using prefolds and flats.

  163. Tamara Sz says:

    We’ll I just started talking about them a lot. I did my research and presented it to him. Though he still won’t take care of the poop or take out inserts, he gladly puts cloth on our little one and he agrees they are super cute!

  164. […] How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper. « Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiaper.Naturally! […]

  165. Jennifer S. says:

    I just said “Sweetie, I want to cloth diaper. It is cheaper and better for the baby”. His response? “You’d know better than I would”. And that was the end of it. Quite frankly, I think he was glad he didn’t have to make another decision. (the health aspect was big for him too)

  166. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been cloth diapering for almost 2 months and I’m still trying to convince my husband! My main argument has been the money saving aspect and he definitely does agree with that. But he just still has issues with the poop, but who doesn’t! We just had our 3rd baby and we have 2 in diapers now. I change 95% of the diapers and I do all the laundry, so my husband really doesn’t have much to worry about 🙂

  167. Mary M. says:

    My husband is amazing and supports me in whatever I decide. I just had to show him that it didn’t cost too much, we would break even in about eight months, and that diapers were a lot different and easier now. Now he’s sold on it and starts telling everyone about it. 🙂

  168. Michelle says:

    I didn’t have to do much convincing really. My hubby works 7 days a week, long days, so he rarely changes diapers anyway so it wouldn’t matter too much to him. He does love how much money it saves us and has even changed a few diapers and said it wasn’t really too bad so I think he is convinced it is worth it now!

  169. Dani says:

    I just ordered a few BG AIO when I was pregnant and showed him how easy they would be. He was open to trying it that point on. Two years and 2 sons later, DH doesn’t mind doing the changing, and actually has fun choosing the diapers (although he would never admit it), the laundry, however, is my responsibility.

  170. […] How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper. « Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiaper.Naturally! […]

  171. Shannon says:

    For my DH, it was the money savings! I figured out what we spent on sposies, and how quickly we’d “break even” with cloth diapers. We’re basically saving $60 per month now, and for the next year until my little guy potty trains!

  172. Karen says:

    I told my husband that we would just try it and if we didn’t like it, we didn’t have to stick with it. He agreed to it right away. We have several friends that tried and gave up after only a couple of days. I think he would secretly like to prove to his best friend that we can do it. His friend has to win at everything, and gave up cloth diapering. When he heard that we were going to give it a shot, he launched into a lecture about how it uses way more water and since we live in the desert we are not doing any benefit to the environment.

    Of course, now that he has agreed, I want to give it the best shot possible so that he doesn’t have a chance to change his mind. I bought a few different kinds to try, and am determined to make it work! Our baby is due in a couple weeks and I’m so excited to cloth diaper!

  173. Rebecca says:

    I actually didn’t have to convince him. I told him I’d been thinking about it for a long time and he said great, when are you going to get them?! He then reminded me that he suggested it with our 1st baby – and that my response was “I will never do that.” I guess I have to eat my words!! I just started a month ago, and I love it!

  174. Christine says:

    We used disposables with our first two children. I bought the diapers and changed them; he emptied the diaper pails and put the garbage out. When I decided to use cloth w/ #3, my hubby wasn’t gung ho, but he didn’t object either.

    A few months into cloth diapering, he saw the benefits for himself. Saving all that money on diapers…and wipes. And no extra stinky garbage to take out!

  175. Felicia says:

    Well since both of our parents cloth diapered our siblings it was not to hard to convince him it was mostly the cost of the diapers that I wanted that I had to convinse him about 😉

  176. Lisa Burdt says:

    My husband was on board and soon as he learned how much it would save us, like other moms I do all the stuff that goes with it though. The laundry and stuffing of the diapers along with spraying out any poop. He will use them though and that is all I care about.

  177. Melissa G. says:

    I also took the money route, telling him we would never have to buy diapers again! (Well I left out the part about “needing” to buy cute cloth diapers occasionally). I stay home so I do 99% of the diaper changes so as long as its not too difficult for him, we said go for it.

  178. Ashley says:

    I was lucky in that my husband didn’t really take much convincing. At first I introduced the idea with describing all the cost benefits, and the mention of savings really piqued his interest! As I continued researching, I learned about how relatively easy they are to keep up with, the chemicals in disposables, and all the trash we would be saving from the landfill! Plus the ADORABLE factor. We got a trial package because the investment up front seemed like a lot for something we wasn’t sure would work out, but we haven’t looked back since! We love our cloth!!!

  179. […] How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper. « Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiaper.Naturally! […]

  180. Johnna Y. says:

    My DD had a diaper rash when I start to looking into cloth diapers. I was blown away with the BG 3.0 AIO’s. It didn’t take much to get my hubby on board! Anything to keep our little girl happy. She is 3 months old now and daddy brags that we use cloth and that Rylee loves them!

  181. Amber says:

    My husband is a stubborn stick in the mud. No way he wanted to CD and none of the above arguments are convincing to him. Bad for landfills, yes, but the affect on the environment from all those extra loads isn’t bad too. Cost? It’ll take about 14 months to make up the cost from disposables so just potty train by then. Cute? Who cares? Comfortable? Depends the type…. etc.

    So when our LO was 13 months old, I decided to try it. (Pampers swaddlers weren’t available in a larger size and other disposables weren’t as comfortable for her. If I was going to have to search for good diapers, why not try cloth?) After going through several types, he was definitely not convinced. Plus, all the leaks and the increase in rashes (never had em with sposies!) hasn’t helped. (Changing detergents helped… I think.)

    BUT night time diapering has him convinced. I added a couple of doublers and put her in a cloth diaper for night time and… no leaks. We can’t easily add more absorbency to the disposables and those leak if she sleeps in an extra hour or somehting. Anyway, he’s much happier with this plan for night time diapers and he doesn’t care what we do during the day.

  182. Megan Martindill says:

    My husband didn’t take much convincing. I had actually planned to cloth diaper my son as a newborn. I bought all the supplies and I was ready to go! When my son came in January I was so overwhelmed with taking care of him that cloth diapering got pushed to the side. Three months later I am back on board with cloth diapering and I love it! While using disposables I got so disgusted with how many diapers he was going through. It was really disturbing to see our trash go out every week because almost an entire bag of it was dirty diapers. That’s all the convincing it took for me. When I told my husband that I was going to pick up cloth diapering again, he was on board! It was the rest of my family that thought I was crazy. My mom had cloth diapered my older sister 30 years ago and I had to explain to her that cloth diapers are so much different now. I am excited to show her the different options out there. Now I talk about cloth diapers so much that my husband is tired of hearing about them!

  183. Lisa says:

    I first learned a little about cloth diapering when my son was 4 months old, through a babywearing board. I found a 3-week trial and emailed the link to my husband with one sentence, “I think I might want to try cloth diapering.” He quickly replied, “Good luck with that.” He was not on board, and as he is the chief diaper changer of the family, I had to respect his wishes. I told him that it was cheap, good for the earth, and I’d heard it was easy, then I dropped the subject.

    About a month later, my husband asked me to tell him more about cloth diapering. I shared everything I’d learned and suggested we do the trial. He agreed, but under one condition: if he didn’t like it, we would go back to sposies.

    As soon as he felt how soft and fluffy the cloth diapers were, he was hooked. By Day Two, he asked me to get rid of all our leftover sposies and buy more cloth.

  184. Kyla W. says:

    I just went ahead and did it (our baby was older) after we’d talked way back in the beginning of pregnancy about CDing. Knew I may be doing it all on my own, but figured he’d just deal with CDs, and he did. No real convincing, he told me to do it as long as he didn’t have to do the laundry (which he doesn’t do any of anyway). He even scrapes the dipes now, no complaints, and pulled our kid’s pants down once at a restaurant to show family how cute the CDs were. I’d say he’s a convert. 🙂

  185. Emily C says:

    My husband was on board when he realized it would save money! That simple! 🙂 The initial investment was a little threatening to him, but he knew it would save money over time. And so he was okay with it!

  186. Heather says:

    I convinced my husband by bringing up the landfill problem. We’ve all heard how they are very full and he jumped on board. We didn’t find out about the 500+ years it takes disposables to decompose or even the money saving aspect until we had already decided to make the switch. I do all of the laundry, but that applies to all of the laundry in our house too :).

  187. Heather D. says:

    I really didn’t have to do much convincing since my hubby was a CDed baby. In fact, before we were married he mentioned that he thought it was a good idea and I thought he was crazy! But while we were pregnant with our first I started doing the research and now I’m totally obsessed with CDing! I could easily spend an entire paycheck with a few clicks! Now we have two in cloth and are happy whenever people ask us about our little cuties with their bubble bums!

  188. Richelle says:

    I convinced my husband with money. I found a few different charts that were online and showed them to him. They all in the end said we would save money. He also liked the fact that he wouldn’t have to run out and buy diapers. He is the main person to do the “I forgot” errands so this was a load off of him!

  189. LesLee says:

    I jumped the gun on the convincing part. I went ahead and ordered $75 worth of cloth and my husband said “You’ve spend the money now, we’re doing it.” Of course, I’m not sure we’ve saved much money since I like to try all the diapers but I have sold some and he was quite impressed with that. Also, it is better for our children and I don’t mind doing the laundry.

  190. Kayla L says:

    After several blow outs, rashes, and leaky dipes on our NB I told DH that we were switching. I told him how much money we’ll save, that he didn’t have to use cloth wipes but I was going to no matter what, and that it was better for the environment as well as our daughter. He questioned me throughout our trial period (I bought a try it kit from a local shop consisting of prefolds and bummis covers). As soon as he realized how easy it was he was curious. We did the math, bought several different types of diapers to see what he liked versus what I liked and switched to cloth completely. DD’s rashes were gone almost instantly and her room didn’t smell like a diaper pail. When he figured out he wasn’t going to have to do the laundry or take out the “diaper trash” he was completely sold. Since then he’s asked me to check out new types of diapers and he’s more than willing to tell anyone who asks about cloth. We have been cloth diapering for a year now with no regrets 🙂

  191. Katherine says:

    There was no convincing, I just told him I was doing it and that was that!

  192. Rachael says:

    My fiance is all about whats best for the environment, so he liked that point. I think what got him was the saving money part, though. That, and once I told him about all the yucky chemicals in disposables… he’s a big fan of cloth now!

  193. Audrey says:

    Well when we moved i was almost 5 months along and it was on both our minds…diapers? What brand? Whats a diaper genie? Ahh! How much money is that?? Now he watches dirty jobs and they had one about cloth diapers pick up service and he asked me if i wanted to do that….Well I wont lie I said Are you NUTS?? No way am i useing cloth!! My mental picture was 3am me bags under my eyes breastfeeding a screaming baby AND haveing to deal with folding and PINS! Ahh. But I did find this wonderful store (MMB) to buy breastfeeding bras and tanks, while at the store I was blow away by snaps and pink dipaers! Wonderfulness!! Ahh! Now we’re 3 months to the day in cloth and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks MMB for helping my hubby get me to CD!

  194. Robyn says:

    My husband still thinks i’m crazy, but I do all the diaper changes and all the laundry, so I don’t care. He likes saving money though, well if I’d quit buying diapers that is 😉

  195. My husband was more on board than I was. He didn’t understand why I wouldn’t use cloth, and thought I was a little lazy when I said I didn’t want to do more wash. Eventually, his comments and a good friend’s experience with cloth convinced me!

  196. Melissa says:

    I did almost the same thing! Cost was a big factor for my husband. And I tried to not be pushy about it – we started using cloth at a month old. Instead of making a complete switch, I made it very gradual, and told him he could keep using sposies as long as he wanted, but I would use cloth. He saw within a week or so that it was just as easy. And I didn’t push telling how to use them…instead I waited until he asked questions. Now he is 100% committed, and shows all his friends how they work!

  197. Dianna Torgersen says:

    My best friend has been using cloth for a year now and after a visit with her I came home and said (again, I’d been mentioning it) I really wanted to cloth diaper, so I used some of my household budget and bought some used, then some new and really like it (for the most part) He was sceptical, but when my hubby saw I was serious he even got me a sprayer! We love not having to run out to by diapers all the time, (still need to get a few more cloth tho) and when our new baby comes and we can start saving all that money we spent on our first 3 I’m sure there won’t be any question!

  198. Sarah Tracy says:

    I didn’t have to go past “saves money” with my husband! And he’s been super great about it from day one 🙂

  199. We kind of decided to try it together. We liked the environmental factor and the money-saving factor… (we had two in diapers at the time, and were spending a lot of money and making a lot of trash!)

  200. Heather B says:

    My hubby was up for it as long as he didn’t have to change one.

  201. Gladys R. says:

    I researched and researched cloth diapering because if my son is anything like myself he’ll be sensitive to chemicals and fragrances. He’s had some diaper rash already so I talked to my DH about it. He still thinks all the benefits are made up just to get other people to do it. But he did let me order some Gro Babys today so long as I also bought the biodegradable liners for him to use to get started with! <3 I wasn't going to give up on the issue until I got to do it. He's always whining that I'm never willing to try anything out of the norm so he is letting me do it. I just have to try some form of shellfish whenever he has seafood again. Which…that part I am so not looking forward to but if it means me switching to cloth diapers and him getting on board with me for it I'll do it.

  202. Nancy says:

    I started researching and found the BG 3.0s and a video on how they worked. That got me a “well….mayyybeeee.” I then told him how much we could save and that that money that we saved would give him more money for video games 🙂 That was the seller…more money for video games…go figure. We actually started with prefolds and thirstie covers and he actually likes those better than the BG 3.0s…go figure 🙂

  203. Andrea Z says:

    I pretty much told him we were using cloth whether he liked it or not! Then I showed him the $$ numbers and he was totally on board. I even hear him telling others now how glad he is that I made that decision for us. Hooray!

  204. Susan L says:

    It didn’t take much to convince my hubby. I said aren’t these cute he said “yup” I said I think we should get some to try out. He said “okay” Now he is totally excited when I find cute fluff.

  205. katie says:

    My husband was not hard to convince at all! He was supportive and on board from the start, I am lucky! He even drove me across town to pick up some diapers that I had found on our town’s classified ad website!

  206. Linda Jenkins says:

    Husband was on board from day one too. The first time he seen how the pocket diapers work, he looked at me and said – thats it? He thought it would be way more complicated…

  207. Joanna A says:

    After researching for a couple of months, I finally approached my hubby. I did it a lot like this blog post, minus the ball game…my hubby’s more into music than sports! Before long he was a cloth diapering daddy! So long as the diapers are stuffed, he’s good to go!

  208. Tiffany says:

    We have 3 little ones in diapers and I noticed how many we were throwing away every day not to mention the cost. I talked to my husband about it and he agreed with me that cloth diapers and wipes were smarter and cheaper… luckily he didnt fight me 😉

  209. nicki says:

    I sort of didnt give my husband a choise. and I stopped buying disposables. When I outlined the $$ we spent/spend on disposables after I had started the transition he was 100% convinced!

  210. Jessica Cochran says:

    I told my husband about how much money we would save in the long run. We are expecting baby #2 and would like to have more after that, but are on a tight budget. I also told him that it wouldn’t be a big deal for me to do an extra load of laundry every other day. I started showing him all the options out there, and he was impressed. I’m currently making our newborn stash to save money, but have purchased most of our one size diapers we will be using when our little girl is big enough. I’m very excited to start cloth diapering when our little girl comes 🙂

  211. Laura says:

    I researched quietly for a couple of months. And right after he asked to invite several friends over for the weekend, I jumped at the opportunity! He’s pretty laid back, and although he was definitely not for cloth, he agreed. We’ve been cloth diapering for about 9 months now, and just last week he told me how glad he was that we switched to cloth. And this week, he actually coordinated a diaper and shirt! *Happy squeal!*

  212. Dawn says:

    LOVE your methods – I literally LOL’d at the game one, how true is that! I fortunately didn’t have to resort to much, my husband happily goes along with most things I want to do for our kids 🙂

    Since I’m on mat leave, I figured I’d be doing most of the diaper changes anyway, so it really was something *I* had to wrap my head around. The main reason that I had started to research cloth was the horrible burn type “rash” my daughter had. We tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it and it just wouldn’t leave. Creams, wipes, water, so many different diapers…it wouldn’t disappear. Her skin was peeling off like it was burned and I was scared and horrified. Someone online mentioned switching her to cloth as it was probably the chemicals and I was willing to try anything at that point. My husband unfortunately got laid off after I started to read up on cloth diapering and that pretty much sealed the deal for us. If ever there was a time that we needed to be more cost efficient, it was now. Combined that with my daughters burns, my decision had been made. I quickly ordered several different types & styles of cloth and found there aren’t really any that I truly dislike, though I do have a preference for pockets simply because they dry so much faster!

    When I finally took the plunge and began cloth full-time, I was totally apprehensive – the whole fear of the unknown, but also really excited! I began taking photos of my baby in her cute cloth butt, and friends were not only shocked, but squealed with delight at how adorable she looked in them. Talk about a conversation starter. I live in a small town in Canada, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the 8,000 or so that live here, that cloth diapers. The public health nurse actually asked me to come give a demo at a mom’s group, so I’m gearing up for that. Me…an “expert” on cloth diapering, how funny is that I thought! Never in a million years would I have pictured ME doing something like this.

    And you’re right…poop is gross, no matter how you paint it. But for me…it’s a heck of a lot nicer not having to deal with a blowout ’cause poop in a diaper isn’t as bad as poop up the back, down the legs, on the shirt, on the pants & on the car seat! Yay for cloth!! 😀

    I am a proudly breastfeeding, baby-wearing, cloth diapering and former co-sleeping 40yr old mom…see, you *can* teach an old dog new tricks 😉

  213. April Gatewood says:

    I convinced my husband two ways…one – the money. He’s a penny pincher and the amount of money we will save was a big one and two…when he mentioned cloth diapering being gross, I pulled out the guilt card and I said, “fine honey, you can use disposable diapers and I will save the planet. You can ruin what I am working to save. Good job.” LOL That’s all is took!

  214. Emily Skokna says:

    I didn’t have to do any convincing. It seemed like common sense to him…more natural fibers, no chemicals, less waste, and we save money in the process! He doesn’t mind poop and he has even started stuffing the pockets and putting them away for me! He thinks I’m a nut for being so obsessed with cloth diapers, but he has never questioned or doubted our decision to use them.

  215. Julie says:

    I started with the money savings and told my husband I would do all of the laundry. I convinced him to let me order a trial package and see what we think. That was all it took. He liked them as much as I did. I am just now building up my stock and getting switched over. He loves how they look and how our son doesn’t get diaper rashes any more.

  216. Krystle says:

    It was actually my husbands idea to save money, and from there the addiction begin and I think he sometimes rethinks he’s money saving idea!

  217. Megan says:

    It’s funny to read an article on how to convince your husbands, when it’s me, the Mommy/wife that has needed the convincing. I’m not afraid of the washing (but I must admit I would go…twice? Really?) The diaper covers I’ve seen and sometimes matching leggings are darling! BUT . . . I’m not thrilled about the rinsing in the toilet, however now I see that I am not alone. I recycle, I conserve energy, and I try to be very aware of our budget, so the question is why shouldn’t I ? Why would I choose to continue using disposables? Your article has been very convincing and I think I will begin the conversion process . . . now, what type? Someone just TELL me what to buy!

  218. Megan says:

    I convinced my hustband to use cloth diapers by showing him how much money that we would be saving. I also am the one to do all the laundering and have everything orgazined where it is easy for him. I think it helped too that our lil man looked so cute in the cloth!

  219. Kari says:

    I showed him the hybrids and he was on board from the begining. Since then I’ve added AIOs and pockets to our stash but he didn’t take much convincing. He likes the cost savings and since I’m a SAHM I do the laundry anyway so that helped too. 🙂

  220. Jola says:

    I convinced him after months of nagging LOL!! Seriously though, it took some time but we started CDing a few months ago (My DS is 13 months). It was dealing with a diaper rash, AGAIN, that DH turned to ME and said “OK, will cloth help this? Because I hate seeing him so uncomfortable, Let’s give it a shot!” Once he saw how much $ we’ll still save, even this late in the game, he was thrilled.

  221. Joanna N. says:

    I told him we can just buy a couple just to try
    it out. Knowing how much money we could save
    did wonders! Not to mention the fact that
    they are so soft and cute on our sweet daughter!

  222. Annette Nesbitt says:

    I convinced my husband (a full time stay at home dad) to just TRY them. I ran the numbers for him on how much we would save on disposables in one week if we just used cloth diapers on our twin boys during the day… and how our investment in a small stash of CDs would pay for itself in roughly a year. Then I bought 2 prefolds and one AIO for him to do some test runs. The AIO was a hit! I slowly stocked up over the next few months. We only CD at home during the day, but I think we both truly prefer the cloth as do our boys. Our washer broke a while back and we went about 6 weeks before getting a new one… 6 weeks without cloth diapers! We joke that the extra money we were spending on disposables would have been enough to buy a new washer!
    Also, I think that by buying the 2 different kinds and letting him choose the one he likes best helped to convince him too.

  223. Katie Suter says:

    My wonderful husband needed no convincing! He was completely on board with cloth diapering even before he found out how much money we’d be saving. Once we learned more about the enviromental benefits for everyone and the health benefits for baby, there was no turning back.

  224. Meagan says:

    My husband is in school still and will be for the next several years. We decided that I was going to stay home with my daughter rather than work. In an effort to minimize our debt, I discovered cloth diapering when she was 8 months old and quickly convinced my hubby using a power point presentation and some fancy math. We’re pregnant with number 2 now and we have all the diapers we need. This baby will only cost what it costs to wash the diapers! It’s a wonderful feeling to know we aren’t going into debt and essentially paying interest on our children’s diapers. I figured it out the other day and we spend a total of $270 on our cloth diapers (and we have a nice stash, I must say. I was a savvy shopper). We broke even when my daughter was 13 months old, and now at 21 months old, we’re racking in the savings!

  225. Naomi Guidry says:

    I told my husband that I wanted to cloth diaper, and he really didn’t have any opposition. He just said “really?” I said that yeah, I’d love to, and it would save us a lot of money. I’m now a SAHM. But for the past year, I’ve been working diligently to save us money so that being at home with the kids wouldn’t be such a shock to the pocketbook. I coupon, buy some things in bulk, use less light in the house to save on electricity. He says that saving money makes me more beautiful to him. 😉

  226. amber lamb says:

    When my daughter was 11 months old, I had enough of feeling guilty about the trash can being full every week and the amount of money we were throwing away on disposables. So I started researching and bought a few *nice* cloth diapers to see if they would even work (skeptic in me), they worked great so I keept ordering them until we finally had enough (I was washing every two days) – then I stopped buying disposable diapers, My husband didn’t have a choice that was the only option! I don’t really think he minded all that much once he got used to the change- I did the laundry so it was no extra work for him.

  227. Debbie G. says:

    I convinced my husband by showing him the amount of money we would be saving! We have a 2 and 1/2 year old son whom we used disposables on and it is expensive! He is just now starting to potty train and if our next baby, due May 1st!, is anything like our son, we are in for 2 and 1/2 more years of expensive disposables! It’s just insane! I also told him I would do the laundry and bought a few cloth diapers to show him how easy they were to use and how much like disposables they are…but much softer! He’s all aboard now and we are anxiously awaiting our baby’s arrival in hopefully a week or a little later.

  228. johanna says:

    it was all about the money. Seriously that’s all it took! He’s a tightwad penny pincher (and I love him for it), so it wasn’t a hard sell. He doesn’t deal with the poopy ones too well, but I don’t care. I love my cloth and love the savings. So does he. 🙂

  229. Niki Hawkins says:

    I’ve just convinced him (if you could call it that)! it didn’t take much other than to promise to do the laundry. LOL. Like he would have anyway. So now I am trying to decide which diapers to use! Gro Baby’s seem awesome! And I know someone who is making AIO’s and fitteds so she is going to help me decide what to use

  230. jen bengtson says:

    I didn’t really give my hubby a choice about the matter. He was on a 7 month deployment and I was pregnant with our little girl and just emailed him and told him about all the money we could save and how I really wanted to try it. and he said ok:)

  231. Melina says:

    I convinced my husband to cloth diaper our twins just from the sheer money savings alone. We are trying to survive on one income, and things are tight! We were tired of getting to a day before payday and wondering “Oh my gosh, will we make it on the diapers we have?” So finally we just saved our pennies and bit the bullet and purchased our diapers. We LOVE them!! Sometimes I think he finds them cuter than I do. 🙂

  232. Justine McD. says:

    I convinced my husband because we couldn’t afford disposables anymore. It took 3yrs and 2 children for him to finally allow me to CD. I also told him repeatedly that I would wash them and he didn’t have to worry about it(he didn’t want to mess w/ poos). Now he loves it and is always looking for deals, and picks out cute fluff he wants to buy.

  233. Ashley H. says:

    My husband was convinced by the cost savings and by my commitment to keep up with the laundry. He thinks her diapers are adorable and is so glad we made the choice!

  234. Ceri says:

    My husband was on board from the very beginning. We decided together 🙂 I actually really struggle when people ask me how I convinced him because he was just as excited as I was to get started! 🙂 (So I shared this blog on my FB for all those moms who I left without an answer! 🙂 )