My Honest Holiday Newsletter

my honest holiday letterHappy Holidays, all! How the year has flown. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was enduring the passive-aggressive judgment of my parenting choices while surrounded by loved ones at the Christmas dinner table. In the intervening months, we have accomplished so much as a little family, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to politely insist on your validation in the form of reading my holiday letter.

We managed to leave the house on three whole occasions with all of the kids’ hair brushed and no food dribble on their faces or clothing. This was an improvement from zero times the year before, when the youngest was of the opinion that spit-up was fashionable and the second oldest thought hairbrushes were the devil.

We got to see what the sink looks like without dishes in it. It’s a pale yellow. Maybe next year we’ll be able to tell you if it’s actually supposed to be pale yellow, or if that’s just what it looks like when it hasn’t been scrubbed appropriately since we moved in. Stay tuned.

I started a job this year, because I value the skills I acquired in my graduate program and hope to develop as a professional, and to be a good example to my children of what it looks like to work hard and make a difference in the world. Also, paying your bills is important, and starting my job meant we were able to decrease the amount of time I spent in the fetal position, weeping, wondering where all the money went after bills were paid.

The kids are all growing up so fast. The oldest has started therapy for his anxiety disorder, and the youngest has decided that pooping in a diaper is so passé, and prefers the sweet satisfaction of her feces hitting the carpet or the furniture instead. I spend much of my time at work missing my kids, and much of my time at home calculating how much longer until I go back to work. So blessed!

I look forward to receiving Christmas letters from many of you. I am excited to see the ways that you have found to reframe your life so that it seems appealing!

Until next year!

Keighty Brigman is terrible at crafting, throwing birthday parties, and making sure there isn’t food on her face. Allegedly, her four children manage to love her anyway. 

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