How to Keep Your Baby on a Schedule When You Go Home for the Holidays

How to Keep Your Baby on a Schedule When You Go Home for the HolidaysGetting a baby on a schedule is an accomplishment in itself. For me, schedules are essential. I need to have order and some kind of routine in my life with my kids. This is especially important when we go home for the holidays. Our family is 6 hours away, and it can be a challenge to maintain normalcy while we are enjoying the company of our loved ones. Here are some ways you can keep your little one on a schedule and yourself sane during the holidays.

Sleep–It’s a beautiful thing

We all know how important naps are. When my daughter, who is now 3, didn’t take a nap, there was this strange phenomena that occurred around 5 p.m. She became a different child. She would either go crazy, stop listening, and run around like a crazy toddler, or she would fall asleep wherever we were.

When you are visiting family during the holidays, don’t neglect nap time. Little ones need it. Moms need it. Try to establish a place of comfort for your child to sleep if you staying with family. When we visit, I always bring Johanna’s blanket, pillow, and lovey, “Teddy.” This way, it feels like she is sleeping in her own bed, even though it isn’t. It’s tempting to go out and about and just forget about naps and regular bedtimes when there are presents to buy, programs to attend, and endless gatherings to share in. However, you will be thankful you let your baby get some much needed rest. It will make your trip so much better–promise.

Meals, Snacks, and Nursing

The holidays are a time when there is so much to eat, and often so much that is bad for you to eat. It’s important to still be the mom while you are around your family. Sure, grandma may want to feed your little one a sugar cookie, How to Keep Your Baby on a Schedule When You Go Home for the Holidaysbut remember you are mom. Try to keep mealtime normal. Bring your high chair, bibs, and table wear. Use the same cups you use at home. Keep meals consistent. If your little one likes to eat veggies for lunch, serve veggies no matter where you are. Of course, it is okay to break out of the routine some, but it is important to keep some normalcy.

I always pack a huge bag of snacks for my two little ones when we go home for the holidays. I know what they like, so we make a trip to the grocery store prior to leaving. While there are snacks at Grammy’s house, they aren’t what they are used to, which can cause tantrums and belly aches.

As far as nursing is concerned, remember to do what works for you and your baby. If you usually nurse before naps and bedtime, continue to do so. Don’t worry about family’s opinions or who is around. Take care of you and your baby.

Playtime and Fun with Family

My favorite part about going home for the holidays is all of the fun my children get to have with loved ones. I have great memories of taking my daughter home when she was 4 months old by myself and heading to see Santa, heading to the pumpkin patch, and attending her first parade.

While there are so many amazing memories to be made, remember to try to stick to some routine. I always bring a laundry basket full of my children’s toys. I let them pick out some of them and then we bring things they maybe have forgotten about. Once again, remember you are mom. If you don’t want your child to participate in something, speak up. For example, if you don’t want older children to put your little one on a trampoline, stop it before it happens. Trust your instincts.

So mom, how do you enjoy the holidays with family and keep your kids sane?

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of 2 in Northeast Indiana. She can’t wait for the holidays and time with family again!

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