Help for Baby Eczema

baby eczemaMy skin is a bit sensitive, my oldest son’s is quite a bit sensitive, but my baby … my baby has eczema. I should be able to handle this, no problem, right? I have three kids. But no. Eczema, at least for me, has been a whole new animal.

It started before we even met our son. He’s adopted, and came from his baby home with a little tube of prescription ointment for a small spot on his chin. Language barriers didn’t fully explain at the time, but we soon learned it was a little eczema patch.

I can’t complain, as I have mom friends whose children have battled very serious cases of eczema, but I still hate to think my son has any discomfort from anything that I can help with.

Things that can help? Well, some laundry detergents can aggravate the condition. Generally, avoiding fragranced laundry detergents and softeners helps many people with eczema. Additionally, you need to be careful with soaps and lotions you are using. We are really liking a baby wash from Shea moisture right now, but sticking to the more natural brands in general is a good bet. African black soap is also good for many with eczema. After bathing, I always apply a moisturizer (your climate and your child’s skin type will help you decide, coconut or shea butter can be nice, or you may want a heavier ointment for more of a barrier like the one from Episencial).

You may even be able to use a bit of what you use for a diaper cream for patches or as a moisturizer; we have some from Earth Mama Angel Baby and CJs that seems to reduce inflammation, and I have another friend that uses Aquaphor on both her babies’ bums and eczema patches (Aquaphor is petroleum based, FYI).

Some families have success with making diet changes. A friend whose boys battled very serious eczema has had very good results cutting gluten from their diet. Making diet changes can be difficult, but consulting with your doctor or a dietician may help if other remedies have failed.

And finally, don’t hesitate to see your doctor. Eczema can be just a small patch of rough skin, but it can escalate into far worse (and even skin infections if your child is scratching). They can help you with diagnosis and prescribe steroid creams or other treatments if needed.

Meaghan Howard is a stay-at-home mom to three little boys, a ton of pets (both family pets and foster pets), and wife to a very patient husband.


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