Handbags that Do Diaper Duty



After getting pregnant with my eldest daughter I went searching for the “perfect diaper bag.” I bought an average priced, really snazzy bag with all of the accessories and then realized I never used it!

Now that I have twins, I have looked back and noticed that the best “diaper bags” were just totes that I already owned. It’s nice to keep these totes organized with mini bags on the inside so you can just reach in for exactly what you need instead of having to dig for it. Here are a few styles I would carry as a diaper bag for my three kids.

Nena & Co

Goyard: My dream bag that I promise could work as a diaper bag and better last forever after you pay the nice price tag.
Nena & Co: I love the idea of statement colors/prints to carry with you everyday for you go to items.  It keeps adventures with the kids fun.
Target: This is the place to go for a cute, on trend tote under $50 that could work for at least a year.  There is something for everyone and always a sale or coupon to use.



Louis Vuitton: Another dream bag at a high price that could work as a diaper bag. I’ve seen mommy bloggers and real moms sporting this style a lot.
Gap:  Might be a little higher than Target….I’d say watch for great sales.  A little more casual/classic than Target.
Kanken: Backpacks can really be helpful.  I was never one to carry a backpack, even in high school. But now that I have three kids, a tote isn’t always easy to carry when I need to be running around. Backpacks are the way to go. I love how the Kanken looks a little different–it gives it some edge. Plus, you have the option to carry from the top.



In the end, it’s all about what is comfortable for you and what you think you will use  the most.  Make this a fun and stylish part of parenting.


Natasha Rao is the high-fashion mother of one singleton and a pair of twins. She lives and runs her fashion blogs in Tucson, Arizona. 

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